Cottage villages of CIS countries

02.12.2009 12:29
Articles about real estate | Cottage villages of CIS countries Consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) has developed an analytical review of cottage villages of CIS countries. According to director Victor Kovalenko, the most affordable price for real estate in the cottage has developed in Kazakhstan (from 640 dol. / m) and the highest -4100 euro / sqm in Lithuania.

Cottage villages in Russia
In the 3 rd quarter of 2009 suburban real estate market has not undergone significant changes. Changes in prices for objects of the country estate during the period is celebrated as multidirectional (observed as a decrease or increase in prices of individual projects), mainly due to the individual characteristics of individual projects and the pace of sales. For example, in some projects, business class, located 30 km from Moscow on the highway Novorizhskoye prices cottages fell to 10%. This is due to the fact that the original prices in the project were overstated, and not subject to adjustment during the year. The same decrease was observed in some projects on the Kiev highway - the decline was 6%. Rising home ownership seen in business-class projects on Novorizhskoe highway (15 km from Moscow) - 14%, at Volokolamsk highway - by 7%. price increases associated with a high degree of readiness of projects, as well as with sales growth in

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The general trend of market development in the 3 rd quarter of 2009 - is the transition to stabilization, the preconditions for which had already begun June 2009. After a significant correction in prices towards the lower (20 - 40%) in 1 semester, in July 2009 prices halted their decline: this situation is caused by increasing the potential demand for suburban property.

Sales trend in the 3 rd quarter of 2009 is not high (as compared to pre-crisis period): the format of cottages in the average realization was 2 - 4 homeownership for the quarter, in the format of townhouses in the middle - 6 - 8 houses (an average of settlements).

However, certain tendencies can be denoted by the increased interest of consumers to the format of the town house - as the most attractive price (in crisis) version of a country house. For example, in the final settlement of business class on Novorizhskoe highway (15 km from Moscow), sales reached 19 households during the period. It is worth noting that in this village there is a price increase of around 14%.
The project of townhouses in the Leningrad area (11 m from the Moscow Ring Road) - for the period from July to September, sold about 11 homes.
It should be noted that these projects are completed building standing.

The trend of growing demand for ready-made housing strengthens its position: the interest of potential buyers apply to settlements whose construction was completed in 80 - 90%, maintained a steady demand for ready-made houses in already populated settlements as final finishing, as well as turnkey.

The main influence on the market situation in the 3 rd quarter of 2009 had a seasonal factor associated with a period of years of retrenchment, as well as the general background of economic crisis. During the 3 quarter of 2009, formed a considerable amount of potential demand, as the order of 80 - 90% of potential buyers have postponed a decision on buying a suburban real estate until September-October 2009. This situation is linked with expectations of a new wave of the crisis, whose effect would force developers to adjust prices downward.
Recall that the spring of 2009 this correction is observed on the entire market as a whole (in various formats and classes). Developers were on individual assignments, offering significant discounts individual and official action.
In the 3 rd quarter of 2009 developers mostly practice an individual approach to each client, which is to discuss flexible terms and payment plans, personal discounts, etc.

As a result of 3 quarters of 2009, forecast at the end of 2009, is optimistic: a significant amount of pent-up demand (80 - 90%), stabilization of prices of home ownership, developers flexibility to customers, as well as some general economic stabilization - these conditions favor the growth of consumer activity Country real estate market and to increase the number of actual transactions. However, this activity will focus exclusively on the segment of "ready" or has already inhabited cottage settlements. In some villages in low stages of construction are more likely to demand remains low, prices will be subject to adjustment downward. There is also an assumption that some projects in the initial stages of construction will be suspended.

Cottage villages in Belarus
Cottage towns of Belarus are the towns or villages of townhouses with individual cottages. We analyzed eight cottage townships.
They are located mainly in the suburbs of Minsk and Brest in places with developed infrastructure.
Built up area and the number of objects - small. Square townhouses ranging from 100 to 411 meters, and square-detached houses from 140 to 511 sq ft
Cost of 1 sq. m in townhouses -750-1200 cu
Cost of 1 sq. m in the cottages, from 850 to 1500 USD
The area adjacent lands -2-25 hectare.

Cottage villages in Moldova
In Moldova, we found only one being built cottage village elite class VILLAGIO
It is situated in the village Condrita (21 km from Chisinau). On the territory of 15 ha is planned to build 100 houses
area of houses from 149 to 394 sq.m.
Infrastructure: cafe, restaurant, cinema, swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, playground, hotel, rehabilitation center, kindergarten.

Housing estates in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, we have analyzed only one being built cottage village "Jean Kuat".
It is situated in Alma-Ata region, Talgar district Guldalinsky c / o, Otegen Batir
On the territory of 174 hectares is planned to build 1,500 objects for different purposes.
Townhouses: 64-82 m, from 737 dol. / m, 3 weave ground
Cottages: 64 m, from 640 dol. / m, 6 hectare land
Land: 6 hectare, 8500 dol. / Weaving
The school garden, swimming pool, stadium, cafes, shops, shopping center, library, sauna, fire station, a hotel, parking garages

Cottage towns in Estonia
In Estonia, we have analyzed the cottage town in Palanga, which is 23 km from Klaipeda
On the territory of 1 hectare will be built 4 - row house complex. Each line consists of 6 houses (24 houses). The area of each house is 160,4 m2. Lake, parking, security
The initial price of 1 m2 c fully decorated-3333 EURO.

Cottage towns of Latvia
In Latvia in connection with the crisis there is a tendency to sell many of the projects cottage villages at low cost.
For example, the draft cottage village of 20 houses SILEZERI-PRIEZKALNI an area of 8.2 hectares is proposed for only 220 thousand euros.
265000 sq ft plot with a project to build a cottage village on the outskirts of Riga is sold for 530 thousand Euro.
14 plots of land in Jaunmarupe sell for 310 thousand Euro.
As for ready-towns, an example can serve as a cottage village "Rondo", located in Jurmala. This is a 16-storey townhouse with attic.
Average total area of the house - 230-270 sq ft, with complete interior decoration - plumbing, wallpaper (by choice), tile, heated floors, double plasterboard;
• House with a garage, all communications are conducted, the territory of the village landscaped and fenced;
The cost of home-240-280 thousand Euro (1100 Euro / sq.m)

The cost of townhouses in the complex Saliena in the suburbs of Riga (14km) starts from 224000 euros.

Cottage villages Lithuania
The cost of suburban real estate in Lithuania differs substantially from the Baltic neighbors.
For example, a 3-storey townhouse area of 190 sq.m, with a plot of 40 square meters in the complex Nekienoyamasis Turtas in Vilnius starts with 780 thousand Euro (4105 Euro / sq m).

Cottage villages in Uzbekistan
We found out that in Tashkent built near the town of NBU American Embassy.
The second town in Uchtepa area. This eight three-level villas ranging from 500 to 700 kv.m.s 12-15 hectare plot. Cost-of 800 cu / m
It is planned to build the town "Golf City" near the Golf Club on 154 elite homes.

Cottage villages in Armenia
In Yerevan on Admiral Isakov Ave square 13506 square meters is planned to build a residential campus "Ambassadors", which would include residential houses and 16 villas.

Viktor Kovalenko
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