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22.03.2011 13:10
Cottage trends Today the tastes of the buyer country real estate shifted toward quality. Experts predict that the market will come out only projects with a sound concept, designed to meet the growing demands. Is it - learned Building.

The reverse process

Nothing surprising in that the entire 2010 home in organized cottage towns are not in great demand. As states Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo, the real estate market" valilsya "like a house of cards, thus provoking a drop in prices. "Builders disadvantageous to freeze construction, and as a result - the market goes more and more real estate" - he says. In particular, the observations of "RealEkspo, in early 2010 in the Kiev region the average cost was $ 1,446 per square meter. m, and at the end of February 2011 the value dropped to $ 1,273 per square meter. m. Thus, the annual decline was 11.97%.

If we consider the market posegmentno, then, according to consulting company Knight Frank, falling prices were felt in segments of "business" - by 16,9% - and the "economy" - by 5,9% ($ 986 per square. M). Was the most stable segment of the elite cottage villages. Despite minor variations in average prices during the year, an increase of 1%.

"Demand for houses in comparison with 2010 has not changed. Prosperity cottage market depends on the welfare of the citizens of the mortgage lending ", - says Anatoly Shakhnovsky, CEO of the investment development company" Cascade ".

It is obvious that attention to the cottage segment is minimal, yet it is still there. According to experts, the demand for suburban real estate market depends on the weather outside the window, literally.

Thus, the highest, according to experts, the demand was in October - November. During the holidays fell in January and again restored today.

Requirements grow

Currently, suburban real estate market is undergoing a transformation, because consumer preferences are changing qualitatively. Customer demands for suburban real estate become tougher and more specifically: demand only marketable objects with high-quality location and price below the market average.

In addition, buyers are becoming significant for factors such as environment and quality construction. "Furthermore, - said Natalia Shevchenko, Head of Sales cottage" Sun Ray "- if a house in the village, it is obligatory to infrastructure, if not, the important areas and the area close to the same infrastructure." Also appreciated convenient location. First and foremost are bought housing in close proximity to the city.

Changing consumer preferences and on the amount of houses - the interest is shifting from large to smaller areas. Thus, potential investors prefer home footage medium - 200-350 square meters. m. The maximum size of the area that interested buyers - 800 sq km. m. Cottages over 1000 square meters. m were completely illiquid.

Modern and hi tech is no longer in vogue

On the issue of selecting the type of materials for the construction of suburban housing consumers today are not limited design capabilities and have a wide choice - bricks, aerated concrete, wood, sandwich panels, the combination of standard materials with decorative elements made of glass, plastics, molding, etc. However, the most popular today Houses are made of bricks, which give preference to 59% of customers. Brick - historically a traditional material in construction. In addition, new building materials and technologies that are being actively developed, little known to most consumers, which inclines them to use familiar and trusted for centuries brick.

In addition, the high demand for houses of brick and other natural materials caused by popular contemporary styles of classical and chalets in the construction of suburban housing. Taken together, the share of these architectural styles, according to the estimate Ya Chapko, account for 77% of demand.

Gradually lose their appeal in the suburban building styles, modern and hi tech. Today, they demand only 23% of consumers. For the buyer today is more relevant and simple harmony of architectural forms, creating a comfortable and homelike atmosphere.

All in a row?

Over the past year the main trend in the segment was the growth of cottage townships proposals plots without a contract. As demand has shifted to the economy segment, respectively, the efforts of developers focused on the formation of low-cost proposition.

Thanks to the low price of this product attractive to a buyer, despite the fact that the timing of construction (completion cottage) is much greater. This scheme allows the buyer to optimize costs in all phases of construction. However, investing in such projects, the buyer is risk facing a business failure. This is especially true of communications, roads and other infrastructure elements.

Plots without a contract, according to Kovalenko, more interesting for the buyer because he is free to choose: the location on the site, materials, architecture.

Lure for a buyer

With the onset of crisis, market players have become widely used various marketing tools in the form of shares, discounts, raffles, special conditions and interest-free loan from the developer for the period from 0.5 to 2 years.

Today, some players offer so-called loyalty programs. In particular, the Russian "BM Bank", will continue to cooperate with the developer, said the granting of loans for housing purchase in the cottage "Sunny Ray".

Lending rate, according to Anatolia Tymkiv, Deputy Chairman of JSC "BM Bank", ranged from 10.78% to 18.02% depending on the type of housing loan term and size of the advance payment. Loans are issued in UAH up to 15 years, the size of the loan is limited to the sum of 4.5 million USD.

Speaking generally on the market, then, according to observations by Gleb Burtseva, head of retail business of JSC "BM Bank", to date, the effective rate (the rate on the loan and fees) for 20 years for residential mortgages is 20-21% pa in UAH . True, within six months at the bank expect it to reduce by 1%.

Among the well-known marketing tool was added this service as a trade in - quick offset of old apartments to homeownership in the cottage. Actively offer this service in the company of Park House Invest (Town Park House).

Villages with a service

In the current situation to reduce costs and service. Now developers cottage villages are engaged in their service.

To maintain the settlement in due form, the developer creates its own operator. As a rule, the staff consists of a duty of repair crews to work with engineering systems (electrician, plumber, engineer), gardener, landscape designer.

Required services include payment protection, garbage removal, cleaning and beautification of public areas. In addition, the list of services provided include maintenance of roads and fences, various repairs, lighting, arbors, walkways, clean water, forests, etc.

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