Cottage towns without a contract may be left without services and infrastructure

02.11.2010 16:07
Articles about real estate | Cottage towns without a contract may be left without services and infrastructure The fate of "trick" the equity holders threaten purchasers of land in villages without a contract - at least every three and a maximum of every second of them can go without promised by the vendor of communications, said the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko

Country towns without a contract have been particularly active in the sale of the Kiev region during the financial crisis. Landowners could not splurge on expensive construction of villas and townhouses and also got rid of quickly loses in value of assets and their clients, in turn, were able to acquire scarce land at prices significantly lower than in similar projects, but with the already constructed houses. In this case, the sellers of such settlements with areas without a contract, as a rule, promised that all utilities (electricity, gas and so on) will be brought to the ownership boundaries.

Previously, landlords realize that the development of land requires a qualitative approach and responsibility, whereas in crisis "bulk sale of land without communication has become an act of desperation, an attempt to somehow make money."

"In my opinion, there is great danger that a third to half of the villages without a contract for many years to be lifeless, but their customers will become the new" defrauded real estate investors. "Large companies will ensure that each communication, but the smallholders are unlikely, they simply do not have such experience ", - said Victor Kovalenko.
Victor Kovalenko
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