Cottage towns: where to invest the investor?

08.06.2010 09:48
The newspaper "Delo" was the top-5 cottage townships around Kiev, in which investors can invest with minimum risk<br /><br />In the list of suitable investment cottage townships were only those objects in which, despite the crisis in full swing ahead. For reference: the funding gap "freeze" the construction of almost 80% of the objects of its kind in the Kiev region. The rankings also take into account prices of houses and infrastructure.<br /><br />In a list compiled by  "Delo", leading settlement "Zoloche in Boryspil district. It is located near the lake near the village of Vishenki. Prior to the completion of the project remains to be commissioned ten houses. Campus distinguish proximity to the capital and infrastructure.<br /><br />The second and third settlements "Severynivka" and "Olympic Park" - a 23 th and 19 th km of Zhitomir highway.<br /><br />This study is not advertising. It was carried out solely by the editors in the interests of investors interested in real estate based on the portal <a href=""></a><br /><br />In the complex "Zoloche, which is located near the village of Vishenki (Boryspil district), there are home business and premium class. The latter are large cottages (up to 510 square meters. M) with its own beach. Lots of cottages business class do not have access to water. Among the shortcomings - poor access roads (new road on the stage prektirovaniya).<br />Average cost of 1 square. m total area of the cottage - $ 1,3 thousand in this amount is already accounted for the cost of land. When you purchase you must prepay 60% of the cost, then the investor becomes the owner of the land. The remaining amount is paid until the completion of the house.<br /><br />Second place in the rating "Delo" took the town "Severynivka," which is 23 km from Kiev, near the eponymous town in the Zhitomir area. The complex is located in the final stages of construction. Class cottages - Business +. In the second set brought out infrastructure and the natural environment. Less - small plots in the cottage - no more than 3 ares.<br />Cost of 1 square. m - from $ 1.27 Thousands developer offers loan for 7 years at 7% per annum. Down payment - 17%.<br /><br />In third place - the project economy-class Olympic Park, 19 km from Kiev to Zhitomir highway. This is the largest draft list of top-5. The area of the village - 290 ha. Developer of the project is the company "Europe". The town planned to put into operation in 2013. Price offer of the company - $ 1 thousand for 1 square. meters of housing, including the cost of land area of 15 hectare. Of the minuses - it is likely postponement of commissioning.<br /><br />On the fourth draft Green Hills, which began in late 2008-th - beginning of 2009. Project investor - the fund DUPD, which was established Dragon Capital investment companies in 2007. Because of the crisis, it was decided to abandon the construction of houses with great footage. The maximum total area of the cottage - 300 sq. m. The minimum cost of 1 square. m - $ 1,2 thousand in the top list of the town got its proximity to the Kyiv - only 6 km from Odessa route. Investors should pay attention to the fact that houses are built on wood-frame technology.<br /><br />At the fifth position - "Solar Valley" near the village Romankiv (Obukhov direction). On the territory of the town is very well developed infrastructure. There is a kindergarten, school, tennis courts, a supermarket and even a church. The cost of houses in this settlement is higher than in other towns in the rating of "business" - from $ 1,9 thousand for 1 square. m. You can invest in the home area of 347 square meters. m<br /><br />Housing estates were evaluated by 4 criteria. Key - the active management of construction works. Allowed as part of projects that are in the final stages of implementation. The second most important criterion - the distance from the capital. Towns should be within the 30-kilometer zone from the features of Kiev. The third factor - the cost of 1 square. m cottage. Latest - infrastructure development of the village. Please note that the rating represented towns with cottages economy and business class. Luxurious suburban real estate is not assessed.<br /><em>newspaper Delo</em><br />
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