Cottage Towns of the world

02.12.2009 11:58
Articles about real estate | Cottage Towns of the world Does the term "cottage community" abroad, trying to figure out analytics consulting company RealEkspo. The company's director Victor Kovalenko said:
"This notion of the world's no. It is preserved in all former socialist countries and in many European countries. As for the U.S., Africa, Australia, then there is no such thing. There is simply villas, residences, grouped in some residential neighborhoods. "

Company RealEkspo "reviewed and ready built cottage villages, townhouses in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Finland, etc.

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According to the number of cottage settlements championship in Bulgaria, the second-place Turkey.
In these countries, all the sea coast and the territory in the mountains are built up or are built apartments, townhouses and cottage settlements.

Cottage villages in  Czech Republic

Housing estates Czech Republic is a small settlement on the outskirts of Prague and major cities with communications and infrastructure. The area of houses varies from 100 to 250 sq ft with land 5-12 hectare. Cost of 1 sq. m house with a view of the land varies from 700 to 1300 dollars. Developers cottage towns offer buyers mortgages at 5.6 per annum.
It is interesting to note that in Rzhichanah (a suburb of Prague) sold land without a contract in the cottage "Straszyn" from 8 to 9 ares only 40-50 thousand dollars.

Cottage Towns of Spain
Cottage Towns of Spain differ from those towns brothers that are predominantly residential townhouses or duplexes from its territory, communications and infrastructure, located mainly near the sea. Area taunhasusov ranges from 100 to 250 sq.m. Cost of 1 sq. m in townhouses ranging from 2000 to 3500 euros.

Cottage villages in Turkey
Residential Real Estate in Turkey is different types of real estate. Here you will find towns townhouses, apartments, villas. It marked complexes, including both all types of real estate, varying from 50 to 350 households.
Unlike other countries, cottage villages can be found in all regions of the country: Belek, Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, Bodrum, Izmir, etc. All sites have infrastructure, communications, small garden.
Cost of 1 square. m in apartments, duplexes :1000-2200 Euro
Cost of 1 square. m villas :800-2000 Euro
Significant effect on the value of the region in which the subject property.

Cottage towns in Finland
Cottage towns in Finland are different in that here, mostly small villages of wooden cottages, located on the banks of rivers and lakes at the foot of the mountains, ski resorts. They offered various schemes to buy: rent, buy a house, buying land.
Consumers (including white foreigners) offer mortgage scheme for 10-15 years at 4-6% per annum.
Villages in Finland are different in that here first build infrastructure, imply communication, build roads, ennoble the territory, and then only sell the plots.
For example, in the village Metelinniemi Golfkuskus (ski resort Vuokatti) sold land from 9 to 16 hectare property with a permit to build a house to an area of 190 square meters worth 2000 euros / weaving.
Cost of 1 square. m at home, taking into account land -1400-1700 euros.
It is an interesting proposal to hold direct phone numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The area of houses ranges from 130 to 250 sq.m.

Cottage villages in Bulgaria

It seems that in Bulgaria is not only lazy constructs.
There were a great number of settlements of different purposes: from apartments to villas on the beach or the mountains with communications and infrastructure. Particularly numerous in the area of Sunny Beach.
Townhouses, duplexes: 100-350 sq ft, ground - 3 hectare, the cost of 1 square. m - 600-1500 euros
Cottages: 90-460 sq. m, plot -3-12 hectare, the cost of 1 sq.m - 600-900 euros
Villas, chalets: 110-250 sq ft, the site of 3-hectare, the cost of 1 sq.m - 500-1750 euros

Cottage villages in Montenegro

In Montenegro, we analyzed the 2 sites. Cascade Village Club Adriatic town, city Bar.15 villas, total building area -20 sq. m The area houses -250-350 sq ft, the area -700 sqm
The sea, the slope of the mountain, swimming pool, garage, business center, cafeteria, recreation area, security.
Price-690 thousand Euro (2760 Euro / sq m).
"Danilovgrad" cottage community
Cottage houses, 30 houses, decorated with
Area -50-400 m, 50 projects of houses
Price-1500 Euro / sq.m

From the foregoing concludes: in these countries is the cheapest cottage property in Bulgaria, and the most expensive in - Spain.

Viktor Kovalenko
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