Cottage towns in Ukraine: concepts and categories

07.09.2010 12:34
Articles about real estate | Cottage towns in Ukraine: concepts and categories Every year the construction of cottages in the cottage becomes better architectural decisions - and more diverse. The number of potential homeowners who want a structured living in the cottage with a developed infrastructure and security.

The model for the construction of cottage villages in Ukraine was Russia. But Ukraine, the number of both built and declared the construction of cottage townships to its northern neighbor is still far.

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Project in Ukraine, claiming the title of "cottage community" is in all regions. But in the main building organized cottage villages near Kiev. Until recently, the cottage small towns we called and how to built (or constructed) complexes with a unified development plan, laid out a territory, a centralized engineering and social infrastructure, and spontaneously united builders, which enclose the common fence, have brought to their sites gas, electricity, etc.

Today, Ukraine is already possible to distinguish four main categories of organized settlements:

Cottage villages category 1: Old and new homes with homestead lands in the district of cities, towns and villages (4-12 hectare, village communications and roads)

Cottage villages 2-nd category: chalet villages 60-90 years of building (5-10 hectare, gardening companies Soviet-style, dirt roads, unsuited engineering infrastructure)

Cottage villages third category: the new detached modern cottages motley architecture built since the mid 90's to the present, sometimes combined in a natural cottage settlements initiated by the owners, in order to organize the general engineering services and protection of the territory (4-30 cottages 10-20 hectare, connect to networks, modern engineering infrastructure, asphalt roads).

Cottage villages 4 th category: cottage villages organized by a single developer with a single infrastructure, a good level of utilities and social infrastructure (40-200 cottages, 2-way asphalted internal roads with sidewalks and lawns, landscaped public areas, private utilities, protection, cafes, markets, etc.).
Current projects include construction of cottage villages in one area specifically designed several versions of standard designs of cottages, aged in a single architectural style. Typically, it houses an area of about 250-500m2, with garage. Some believe that the draft model cottage - a "minus", so want to stand out! But for the sake of comfortable living in a civilized guarded cottage town with all the benefits of civilization can be and it makes sense to sacrifice the individual project and ready to buy a house, designed in a single architectural style cottage. Indeed, among the important "pluses" stay in the cottage - close to the social status of neighbors. Required infrastructure elements cottage townships: phones, internet, gas, electricity, water, waste (or removal) of waste. There may be a shop, kindergarten, GEC, swimming pool, gym, tennis court - if the amount can be invested in construction funds. And another factor, which draw attention to buyers - the presence near the town forest or water body Sometimes, home buyers in the cottage - typical citizens, and only in general idea of what a private home. There are many cases when a potential buyer cottage just does not understand the difference between flat and house, and the figure of 350-700m2 it's scary. These people live in the flat area of 100-120 m2 and want to house the same area. To developers of cottage townships often have to explain that in addition to the standard set of a city apartment - kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms - Cottage implies the existence of other facilities, such as laundry room and boiler room equipment, garage, sauna and / or gyms. And even if the area of living rooms in the cottage, bathrooms and kitchens will be willing buyers 120m2, then through an additional, but necessary for comfortable living space, the total area may significantly grow. The area of a private home includes a connecting element of its floors - a staircase, which is also and important part of interior. But it is often "forget to count" the future home owners.

Specialists forecast that over the next few years the demand for cottages in the cottage of Ukraine will grow - too many "pluses" in organized cottage townships. In the near future middle and secured classes will actively inhabit the suburbs into position in their own cottages in organized towns, as happened in Europe and the United States half a century ago. Is and another way of - land development, the more distant (in a radius 100 kilometers) from the town and the creation of new suburban housing types - Rancho ...

The development of cottage villages in the West had a completely different economic model than now in Ukraine.Thanks to this cheap homes of people living in the suburbs increased by 85 million people, while in metropolitan areas - 10 million
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