Cottage towns and their infrastructure

12.10.2010 10:29
Articles about real estate | Cottage towns and their infrastructure During the last 5-7 years, with the market development of suburban housing, the organization of cottage building has undergone substantial changes. In former times, wealthy citizens to acquire land, and organized them building their own, so then formed makeshift towns, which then supply of communications.

These settlements consisted mainly resting place in nature and not a high level of livability for permanent residence. This could relate to a lack of certain communications, such as central sewer or gas. In addition, the makeshift cottage towns could be problems with the other benefits of civilization - for example, to buy food had to travel by car for several miles to the store nearest settlement.

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Very serious question of standing and security-rich homes, located in secluded areas, away from the city. Today, if I may say so, the situation turned upside down - in our time, suburban housing is offered for sale, mainly in the finished cottage villages with developed infrastructure. Modern country home buyer wants to live in nature with the same level of comfort and convenience as the center of a large metropolis.

Therefore, an important task of developers is to create a sound and efficient infrastructure cottage settlements, which would provide maximum and prompt satisfaction of needs that may arise from the villagers. Creating such an infrastructure provides for summing up to the cottage of all necessary communication tools and facilities, which would provide the villagers uninterrupted supply of all utilities. But today it is not a complete composition of infrastructure facilities that support modern cottage settlements.

Secured a resident of the city can not imagine my life without a variety of benefits of civilization. Therefore, buying a house outside the city, he wants to have all these benefits in the area of direct and rapid access, not limited solely to ensure minimum living conditions, thanks to communications. In this regard, in the infrastructure of modern cottage settlement may include not only communication but also shops, restaurants, sport fitness centers and other facilities. In addition, a mandatory attribute of the modern cottage village is also a business center, with the use of modern technology, providing reliable safety of the villagers.

Of course, the most developed infrastructure differ cottage villages elite class. In this case, the services of their residents could be offered not just shops and supermarket chains in which one can easily find anything you want. In addition, in the infrastructure of such settlements include a variety of recreational facilities and maintenance supplies - restaurants, bars, medical centers, beauty salons, bath houses and saunas, and much more.

A mandatory attribute of cottage townships elite class, now, as are schools and other institutions to provide education and recreation for children of their inhabitants. In addition, for the elite cottage villages today is increasingly becoming a feature of the partial imposition of infrastructural facilities in their territory, which allows to divide the infrastructure for internal and external.

Internal infrastructure of settlements involves the creation of green areas for recreation, children, playgrounds, sports fields and buildings to house the administrative staff of the village, health etc. The objects of the external infrastructure include shops, as well as various entertainment, recreational and medical facilities, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and much more.

An example of an ideal and a careful separation of infrastructure cottage communities can serve as Obukhov direction. This trend, among other things, notable for its unique natural properties of this region Kiev region.

The planning and creation of an infrastructure project, at the most advanced requirements, from the builder may require substantial financial investment. Therefore, with a view to their speedy recovery, access to infrastructure facilities is open not only for residents of cottage, but for the residents of nearby settlements, as well as those coming to the territory of the village for recreation.

Regardless of which category applies to cottage - an elite class, business class or economy class, there are a number of mandatory items that must contain the infrastructure. This is primarily hour security cottage community, regular cleaning and trash removal, maintenance and, if necessary, repair of communications and any necessary repair work. Of course, also the fact that the greater the level of the class has a particular housing estate, the higher the level of infrastructure to service it.
Victor Kovalenko
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