Cottage town built on the «air» foundation

07.10.2010 10:37
Articles about real estate | Cottage town built on the «air» foundation The negative experience of building "air locks" the fast growing regions of Ukraine. Enterprising traders picked up the idea of rapid enrichment, while improving each fraud scheme. Not an exception and Khmelnytsky.

Several consecutive months of drivers who go in the direction Starokostyantynova, attracts a small bright glass building with eloquent words "real estate agency. Soon after her appearance on the hill behind the like mushrooms after the rain began to grow cottage, which caused considerable surprise in the Khmelnitsky region officials because of how they knew the land is not provided under the individual building and in creating equestrian school water parks and resorts with full service and relevant accomplishment. Almost 26 hectares of agricultural land in Lisohrynivetskoyi village council, according to the agreement concluded in 2004, took a lease known Khmelnytsky businesswoman available in 1949 further to the right of redemption of land from public property. Since the purpose of land was changed in accordance with the law, then, according to the order of Khmelnytsky RDA, the entrepreneur had to pay the state of agricultural production losses of $ 1,826,442 USD and only then could proceed to use the land.

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But she paid only part of the payment specified in the order, then appealed the order in court, arguing his claim that the amount is unreasonably high. While stretched proceeding orendarka despite conditions undertook to dispose of the leased land, but not as telling officials when received permission to lease. The woman decided that she was more profitable to release land for building cottages and without delay, did the search for customers to buy houses. Those who are found quickly, and picturesque hill began gradually accrete construction sites. Poor owners, investing money in building, not even suspect that they simply oshukaly. After they bought the cottage may at any time to demolish, as Khmelnytsky RDA Architecture Department of Architecture and planning tasks for the construction of the properties on leased land gave out state administration and the decision to start construction no. In short, we have the fact of unauthorized construction, which officially recorded Inspection of State Architectural and Construction Control Brussels, materials sent to check on which the prosecution Khmelnitsky region. The very same lady entrepreneur when her interest in the activities of regional staff GSBEP suddenly disappeared from the city: law enforcement can not catch her residence or workplace.
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