Cottage town - a full house with the infrastructure

24.11.2011 01:00
Articles about real estate | Cottage town - a full house with the infrastructure According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo"(Kiev), Victor Kovalenko, "The cottage village is not just a certain number of houses (brick, wood or even a frame), which are hidden behind a common fence and gate. It is, above all, a full house with the infrastructure . The "right" country village should be provided with all necessary for a normal life engineering services. It is, of course, must have its own infrastructure: in the village should provide mini market, caf?, office building, sports and playgrounds, recreational area, etc. "

Important: Infrastructure
There is no doubt a factor in the infrastructure today is one of the key, along with landscape characteristics and the transport accessibility of real estate country village. Agree, good infrastructure makes suburban housing more attractive, which really do not want to leave.

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And yet, it is impossible to create an ideal settlement, which would like all its residents. But the basic criteria of suburban housing should strive to withstand - above all, to create an infrastructure, welfare and recreation to people receiving maximum comfort, without leaving the village. It is the presence of nearby pine trees, rivers, roads, security, comfortable living conditions in an individual, necessarily beautiful in terms of architecture cottage on the site at least 18-20 acres, with well-developed infrastructure of the settlements, with an affordable service, with good neighbors.

Dominants exurbia

According to Victor Kovalenko, even 10-12 years ago, private developers completely lacked an understanding of how a country house should look like and what it is. In recent years, suburban lands Ukrainian cities and, in particular, in the Kiev region, a host of red-brick house-freaks with a minimum number of windows and doors, often half-unfinished. These would-be builders and still vainly trying to get rid of his masterpieces, but wishing to revive such architectural delights are one.
Today, fortunately, the priorities are somewhat different. Remains only one thing - the desire for individuality and originality, when a person intentionally abandons the model project and build the house "for themselves," by his family. That's because often it happens that one or another model project gradually completed and altered for a specific customer. The only requirement is the builder - save a single architectural style buildings of the town.
So if you decide to build on an individual project, it makes sense to hire an experienced architect who will perform for you working draft of the future of the cottage, while maintaining the overall style of the architectural concept of the village and the common rhythm of construction, and thus take into account all your wishes and requirements to the internal layout of a country home.

Victor Kovalenko believes that "the development of cottage townships today are not very successful." According to him quickly will develop townships, "Economy Class" in the near future on the suburban real estate market will be in great demand housing in the cottage towns with good infrastructure and transport accessibility.
Victor Kovalenko
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