Cottage real estate market investors' confidence returns

23.10.2010 11:06
Articles about real estate | Cottage real estate market investors Custom marketing approach, undertaken in early September, the developer cottage Greenwood noticeably warmed suburban real estate market. Its essence is the following: the company PRIME CAPITAL GROUP (namely, it is the developer) promises to buyers who purchase a house at 200 square meters. m to the ground in Koncha Zaspa for 2 mln. and the purchase will pay 100% of project cost, 10 years back 50% of its original value - 1 mln.

By finding new ways of selling real estate developers, "Greenwood" prompted a desire to bring suburban real estate of the vicious circle in which the crisis was the entire market. As you know, today, many contractors have suspended construction, although the demand for commercial and residential (including suburban) property is preserved huge. Sales constrains on the one hand, the desire of potential customers wait for more favorable price offers, but on the other - the absence of many developers' funds for the completion of facilities and their commissioning.

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Is no exception and suburban real estate: currently actively conducting construction only be deemed to be, because many companies have not started to build the planned facilities, and others - did not have time to enter into operation before the crisis. As a result, only in the Kiev region "frozen" are about 30 cottage townships. In the current unfavorable market situation, customers choose a fully finished objects, or acquire property from companies that are actively implementing the projects.

However, reducing the prices of country cottages in the near future should not be expected, since the existing demand for facilities of this kind of real proposals are not so much. Moreover, analysts believe that their value will only increase, and this year growth could be as high as 10-15%. According to the forecasts (and they confirmed the number of views and deals) in economy class will remain popular small cottages with plots 10-15 hectare and cost from 150 to 200 thousand dollars

Against this background, the proposal developers cottage Green Wood Club (smt Kozin, Novoobuhovskaya highway, 17 km from the CP) in Koncha Zaspa was very attractive, and especially for those willing to invest money. Prices per square meter of such a cottage with a plot of 8.12 hectare UAH 10 thousand. (Current average market price of the objects of this class). Having bought a house with total area of 200 square meters. m, which allows you to avoid paying property taxes, which will be introduced under the new Tax Code, and paying for purchasing its full value - 2 mln., the buyer gets a modern house with a plot in a prestigious location, and after 10 years, he still returns 1 million USD.

The proposal should appeal to those who have long dreamed to get a quiet and charming country house in a picturesque suburb of the capital. The modern house of red brick, under a soft tile, built in compliance with all building codes, is situated in ecologically clean area adjacent to the forest Kozinski. In a comfortable and spacious cottage home can receive visitors, to hold a noisy party and just live with pleasure.

The unusual decision by the builder is not really a know-how in its pure form. The first such scheme was successfully used one of the Latin American company to have succeeded yet at the peak of the crisis to realize all built objects. Experts believe that the proposed scheme is quite applicable to the Ukrainian market of suburban real estate, where people make a profitable investment at market price, even despite the crisis, there are many. And given the developer's obligations to compensate for part of the investment after 10 years will be for many more than profitable.

Of course, the important issue is honesty developers and repayment guarantees the amount claimed. In this case serves as a guarantee of the authority of the members of a large domestic financial-industrial group "Olympus", which includes the company-developer of Green Wood Club. Several profitable businesses of the group are able to provide her with stability and the necessary working capital. It is the availability of own funds of the group distinguishes the project from a similar, since virtually all developers for the construction of today use the scheme with the involvement of consumers. The latter are mostly invested very carefully, and prefer to buy already completed facilities.

The group itself (its main business - the production of alcoholic beverages, well known for its real estate projects. One of the most famous - the industrial park "robin" in the Kharkov region. Also, a group of companies "Olympus" has to do with the housing complex "Chaika" is located in Zhitomir highway. This complex is unique in the midst of the crisis was able to meet its obligations and surrendered three houses in operation ( All projects are a group of loans the bank "Ukrainian Financial World» (, showing all the post-crisis months of stable income. When purchasing a facility in Greenwood bank gives the buyer a letter back guarantee half of the funds. Controls the activity of MP from the Party of Regions, Paul Klimets (, enjoys high prestige in domestic financial and industrial circles.

Of course, believe or not believe the developer each buyer should decide for himself. And it is possible that the trust your own intuition can benefit from the current crisis situation. In addition, it is possible that an innovative marketing scheme, "Greenwood" will shake up and revitalize substantially all domestic real estate market, which ultimately will help launch construction related businesses, and pull the country out of financial crisis.
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