Cottage real estate Belarus: analytics, trends and facts

13.09.2010 11:39
Articles about real estate | Cottage real estate Belarus: analytics, trends and facts Residential Real Estate is one of the most pressing order of reflection and discussion of experts and ordinary townsfolk.

The major trend affecting the state of the market is long-term recession in the economy. Under her influence, the average market value of suburban real estate in the period 2008-2010. decreased by 40%. This is primarily due to lower purchasing power due to decreasing revenues. This factor reduces the demand for real estate and changes the structure of demand: there has to shift to real estate economy class. Constant demand is property of the elite class.

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An important factor in the market is a factor of state regulation. It is expressed in the programs of concessional lending for housing improvements, as well as within the social provision of land for lifelong use. These actions of the state also affect the magnitude of demand for finished cottage property.

Dominant influence on the market provide consumers. Scheme of consumer choice has become the conscious and rational: Because of the special limited cash consumers try to maximize the effect of property acquisition.

Preferred area of real estate purchase economy class - up to 200 square meters. m. This is due to the recognition of houses more than 200 square. m luxury housing. This increases the consumption cost of the property by increasing the cost of utility bills.

The most popular areas of real estate are location of the northern areas of the main transport corridors of Minsk: Moscow, Vitebsk, Molodechno track. The preferred distance from the ring - 5-15 km.

Buying property outside the city, consumers prefer to maintain the urban way of life: in the cottage must have high quality access roads, availability of public transport and walking distance to schools, kindergartens, medical institutions. A secondary factor is the presence of shops. This is associated with the development of a network of retail shops at the exits of the city.

Housing the elite class are always in demand, and to him are special requirements. First and foremost is the increased level of safety and uniformity of cottage village settlement. The second plan departs layout of houses and their decoration. An example of such a cottage settlement is the village Drozdy, popularly referred to as "the Belarusian Rublevka.

Based on the foregoing, it is possible to derive some tips on how to buy a house as efficiently as possible:

Now is the time to buy and no time to sell.
This is related to the achievement of price "bottom" of the market. The buyer can derive maximum benefit from such a situation, buying property at the lowest possible price. Seller of real estate prevailing situation is disadvantageous. The best advice in this case - wait for the price increase, which inevitably comes with the start of the season (the period of spring-summer 2011).

Buy Smart.
When you select a real estate turn your attention to the unfinished property. In this situation, its price below cost, and the costs of bringing the premises up to a suitable living condition will be incomparably lower than the self-construction.
Do not be panic.

This advice concerns real estate sellers who want to get the maximum benefit by increasing the selling price. We remind the movement against the market leads to note the possibility of selling to zero. There are two ways out: expect a growth of market price or lower the selling price.

People at all times will be selling and buying real estate, and no reason to panic should not be. Importantly - listen to the opinions of experts.
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