Cottage property at the exit from the crisis

25.11.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Cottage property at the exit from the crisis According to representatives of the business north of the capital, the market of cottage villages of St. Petersburg has long looked up from the regional, but so far it halfway to Moscow. Some trends are equally compatible with a picture of markets in the cities. Moscow's main trends before us are not there yet, although it is thought that surely "haunt".

There are in Russia is one common trend for all regions in which develops low-rise construction: the best suburban housing area, in the final settlement located near the city, at the lowest price in demand both in Moscow and Saratov. This model of consumer demand as the sum of the reviews of Realtors, and based on a survey conducted by "Miel" in nine regions of Russia (Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Tver, Kursk, Samara Oblast, Perm and Krasnodar region, Tatarstan). The poll involved 2,700 respondents. Most of the respondents are willing to sell urban housing to move to the individual country house of 80-120 square meters. m, with a plot of 8.4 hectare (in St. Petersburg and Moscow on 10-20 hectare) is not more 30 km from the city limits. Half of those surveyed want to get the house in the village is already finished and final finishing. By type of preference is in favor of traditional materials (most are interested in a house made of wood or brick), in second place going construction on the basis of concrete (Foam, concrete, fixed timbering, the monolith), and only 17% were in favor of frame-and-shield technology . And, most importantly, the purchase should be no more than 5.3 million rubles.

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This statistic shows that the population of large cities, in general, is ready to move to the suburbs, but views of the majority of potential buyers on the prices of "suburban housing dream far from reality: neither in Moscow nor in Saratov, a separate house, comparable in price to City apartment is not found.

According to real estate statistics, the last two years, the smallest period of implementation has a house up to 100 square meters. m, 8.10 acres of land, the total value of up to 3 million rubles - such objects in a cottage village sold quickly and in Moscow and the regions. The problem is that many of them. And a little bit - just because the rush to implement a single village (even economy class), - ready, and at an attractive price, not so easy: you need free money, that not every developer has. Muscovites believe that aid the developer should get a public-private partnership that will solve the shortage of trained engineering sites in Moscow and in most developing regions. To this end, the Moscow City Government has already developed the concept of low-rise building. The document envisages equipping stations with all the necessary communications and engineering before they are sold in the form of kottezhnyh settlements. Such a scheme would fit well Petersburg. However, we have such examples - one, two and obchelsya. Ready villages in style and engineering uniformity offered exclusively at prices that are infinitely far away from the economy class.

In Moscow, the crisis most quickly sold and had no problems with the implementation stage of construction camps, in which the process of engineering education is parallel with the construction of houses of course. Here's an example: the village "Aleshkino on Novorizhskoye highway, 77 km from Moscow Ring Road belongs to the category of" economy ". Here, 135 sites from 9 to 25 hectare. The price for a house with land - less than 1.5 million rubles. The first phase went like hotcakes. Second - to 111 homes with the same qualitative characteristics, the presence in the village of minimal communication (roads plus 8 kW of electricity to the area) went on sale in May 2009 and is now almost sold out. What does this mean? Analysts believe that should be banned from building houses in villages without a contract until the end of sales sites. This affects both the progress of the project and the completeness of the implementation itself: the chaotic development and uneven settlement deters potential buyer stops the sale.

Similarly (not to build houses, not having realized the ground) - arrived in the suburban project "Riga's shore." There were lots worth 2,700,000 rubles, they also began to be sold in the crisis and today the village is practically implemented.

In addition, "Aleshkino" to apply the scheme to reduce the cost of land to the buyer at the expense of the developer: when ordering the contract to build a house, depending on the size of the object, the value of land commensurate with the reduced and may even be zero. In the case where a small and inexpensive part, for example, 10 acres, the buyer is going to build a big house, an area of 200 square meters. m, construction discount can be commensurate with the price of the site.

Another problem hindering the development of civilized cottage market experts see the very "best offer" (ie - inexpensive house). More precisely, the lack thereof. It is no secret that the most cost-effective design solution in maloetazhke - a skeleton. However, the purchaser of the house on frame technology, which is considered the hope of an economy class and the support of all government programs for affordable housing, - alas, unpopular. In Russia, according to company GoodWood more than 30 plants are working at the output for frame construction. But the buyer does not favor such homes, it is obvious analogies to the skeleton-timber frame garden houses the era of stagnation. Buyer dreams of a house made of wood or brick, but those in the segment of affordable housing is difficult to imagine. At the same time, if the house is on frame technology to perform high-quality interior and exterior (for example, clinker bricks), then a frame house will go for sure - though its price is a bit different.

If you go by "savings" in the upper price scale, the situation is different. According to the CEO of PetroStil Maxim Berg, 2 / 3 projects on the market today - a land without a contract, and sometimes even without a subdivision. "Since the beginning of this year, interest in business-class towns by the buyer began to grow, but so far it rarely translates into real transactions. Supplies of good projects is small. Most of the elite segment of customers - the owners of stable business, but despite this, some of them rethink the needs and chose to invest in their business, rather than buying another home, "- he says.

If the "elite" customer still thinking about buying, it is primarily interested in its location, the degree of readiness of the village, homogeneous social environment, the status of the site and the prospects of exploitation. However, the problem of centralized operation of expensive settlements remains acute for the market of elite housing, said Valentina Filonov from "ASKVEL. In particular, the occupants of elite complexes suburbs - Family Club and the "Golden Dome" of the problem of exploitation brought on the warpath. Homeowners angry I get disconnected from the communications of honest taxpayers were forced to picket commuter line, demanding to restore order and assign responsibility. "In practice, no income management market countryside housing does not work, this business is unpopular. In the best case you can go "to zero" - she says - to engage in the exploitation can be solely to maintain the image of the project, its successful implementation, as well as to maintain the status of the company-developer. " According to Valentina Filonovo, to avoid problems with energy suppliers and other public facilities should move to an individual subscription, when the contract is for the homeowner and helps to avoid "carpet trips" in the village the fault of someone one: in the suburbs, she said, it is already being implemented. However, St. Petersburg developers claim that a regional practice it is almost not feasible.

A lot of attention paid to one of the major crises of market trends - reconception. Today the time has passed clear language: positioning the object can not be blurred because it determines the sale. Requires correction of errors of positioning the "fat years".

A striking example - the project "The New Villa", 140 km from Moscow. The concept has changed: from 1 ha provided under the same type of construction, a large part of the settlement was transferred to the midrange, where, as we know, there is a large pent-up demand. Instead of Finnish homes in the New Villa "began to make houses on Russian technology, which reduced the cost of homeownership from an average of 7 million rubles to 3.85 million rubles. The most attractive part of the territory, near the pond, left under a "business class". Reduced the area of households and timing of the project. True, we had to terminate the relationship with previous customers of the village, "The New Villa, but most of the previous buyers, after looking for a new concept, are back.

According to the Forum, a project manager "Vuoksa Wirth, Alexei Afonin, the crisis has made many adjustments in the concept, and if before the boundary between the categories economy, business and premium class has been heavily eroded, it is now graduation has become more clear. "Economy-class today should be considered as sites without a contract with a minimum of engineering education (no matter in what place), at 50 - 90 thousand rubles for a hundred. For business class is now classified by the common concept of cottage settlements with necessary infrastructure (electricity, roads, water supply, lighting and fencing for perimeter security, etc.), priced from 120 to 200 thousand rubles. for a hundred. Premium-class - it's cottage villages with developed infrastructure, performed to a high standard, with houses a single architectural concept, and with a homogeneous social environment ", - he said.
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