Cottage on New Year's Eve at Moscow can be rented from $ 600 per day

29.11.2010 20:35
Articles about real estate | Cottage on New Year At the town market in November 2010, the demand for villas in the most sought after price range of $ 1tys. to $ 3tys. exceeds the supply by 2 times. This interest of tenants can be attributed to the advent of applications for rental cottage on the winter holidays.

As of November 1, 2010 the offer price range of cottages at a distance of 10 kilometers from Moscow ranged from $ 600 to $ 45,000, in the range of 10-19 miles - from $ 800 to $ 47 thousand., 20-29 miles - from $ 975 to $ 30 Thousands, 30-49 miles - from $ 260 to $ 14 thousand, and over 50 miles - from $ 650 to $ 7 thousand

Among the potential tenants, as a rule, a company of young people or more married couples with children, considering the New Year in a summer home near Moscow as an alternative to boarding houses and rest houses that the holidays are also substantially increase the price of accommodation and additional services.

"As practice shows, the most exotic requests for New Year's rent associated with unreasonable price expectations of tenants. When, for example, the youth company of 15-20 people hoping to pick up a house with all the necessary kit for Christmas entertainment for the $ 1000 cost of renting a good house with the usual urban living conditions, such as hot water, electricity, sewage starts at $ 2500, "- said Maria Zhukova, deputy director of company" MIEL-Rent. "
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