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08.07.2010 20:42
Minister of Regional Development and Construction Vladimir Yatsuba in May said that he was going near Kiev build cheap houses for some unknown in Ukraine, foreign technologies.

Whether he had himself not fully understand the issues, or failed to explain all the journalists, but in the end the media reported that the need of housing Ukrainians will settle in the cheap drywall houses. Later, it became apparent that technology and design of the project has become entangled all the ministry wrote

The Minister promised to Canada

Announcing the construction drywall homes Yatsuba then explained that under Kiev is a pilot project on construction of several streets with cheap houses, created a special technology that will halve the cost compared to traditional ones. However, he categorically rejected the very term "gipsokartnonnye home", saying that the plasterboard - this is just one of the cheap finishing materials to be used in this case.

"We have about 28 choices of different technologies that can help you get cheaper construction costs. This is both American and Canadian, and other technologies that are widely used in the world, but so far not been applied in Ukraine ", - he explained.

Yatsuba colorfully described the serene life of those same Canadians and Americans who live happily in a small country cottages, presenting it as a paradise for the Ukrainians who are unable to raise funds even in the old "Khrushchev".

However, Ukrainians no one will sell the spacious individual cottages with a cozy patio at a price of 4 thousand UAH. per square. m. plans Minregionstroya means that it will be low-rise residential construction. That is, neighborhoods with houses in the 2-3, a maximum of 4 floors with apartments economy option.

The minister said he had already been agreed with the businessmen who are ready to download (for later sale) implement a pilot project in selected States, 5 hectares of land in the Kiev region. "Square" housing in the new building should cost about 3-4 thousand UAH. And ready apartments for sale - about $ 23 thousand

By fall of this year, according to the promise V. Yatsuba, the test must be street ready and brought to court potential buyers. And to get their attention, the minister promised to personally make a real test drive for the needy in our own roof over your head, allowing for free to live in these houses for several days. "Until a man will live in this house, do not touch all his own hands, he believes that this is a papier-mache" - he said.

But shortly after the announcement of the Minister, his deputy Dmitry Isaenko reported another case scenario. As it turned out, no one to settle in cheap houses near Kiev will not, and did not intend.

According chinovnkia, leadership Minregionstroya intends to create a mid-autumn in Kiev, a permanent exhibition, which will be presented to all existing in the country of individual housing construction technology and applied them to the energy-saving system, and promised a cheap houses will only constantly active sites of exposure.

It is possible that the Office decided not to implement such a significant project on the road Kiev land-for-sale need it feasible for people in their prices. According to the press service of the Minregionstroya, recently appealed to the leadership of the Office of Expocentre of Ukraine to consider the possibility of allocating 2.5 hectares of land for the project's organization and is now awaiting a response.

But in this case do not understand why create such an exhibition, and to whom it is intended: the need for affordable housing, Minregionstroy to help him determine the best technology, or to advertise the most business?

The press service explained that this project will popularize low-cost housing, which is not worse than the traditional, as well as to ensure the availability of advanced technologies in construction.

The fact of caring about the citizens as if they do not deny, but did not explain what relationship the exhibition will have a program for the mass construction of affordable housing. B. Yatsuba explicitly states that solve their housing problems, the Ukrainians are likely to have single-handedly.

"We must explain that the state can not solve the housing problem" - he said, advising families with an income of about 4 thousand UAH. to take land and build houses with their own hands.

With the new products long been familiar

It is noteworthy that there is no novelty for Ukrainian consumers in the proposed project Minregionstroya not and can not be. This is the usual slight modification of the Canadian technology, which has been used successfully not only in the world, but also in Ukraine.

Its essence is that the outside frame house is sheathed OSB products (extruded large chips) are mounted inside sheets of plasterboard, and insulation is placed in the middle of the mineral, basalt or glass wool.

In Ukraine there are already more than a dozen construction companies that offer services for the construction of just such a category of houses. Similar projects have been implemented in the Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Kharkov regions.

However, the Ukrainian experience, do not seem inspired by the minister. Such a "grand idea", he burst into flames, just staying in Hungary, where he saw the house of 54 square meters. m $ 22 thousand since finishing. Moreover, the minister stressed that other alternatives for the construction of affordable housing there.

Deny that there are many pluses Canadian technology compared to traditional in Ukraine is impossible. First, it really makes sense to talk about cost savings in this building.
Secondly, the huge advantage of Canadian technology is the duration of erection of such housing. Thus, assembly work crew of 3-4 people without the use of complex equipment could easily run for only 1-2 months.

In addition, gypsum board interior finish is much easier, and the houses differ sufficiently high rate of saving. Thermal conductivity are 5-8 times better than brick. According to estimates MinZhKH, heating of such homes to 50-60 square meters. m in winter will cost around 300 UAH.

In addition, Canada's climate is similar to ours, so I am sure the Minister, once the Canadians quietly kept tridtsatigradusnye frosts in the cottages, the Ukrainians, too, can not be afraid to freeze.
At the same time to take care of good ventilation for the "Canadian" houses, so there was no dampness and stuffiness.

Experts also point to his high fire danger and the fact that, despite the certification of the components of the building is still in small quantities produce dangerous phenols and microscopic dust. Paves the way for installation of plumbing and electrical wiring are not always satisfied with the consumer, and their replacement with either too costly or impossible. Over the years, in a house like an unpleasant squeak of a large wooden design.

Such housing has a limited life - about 50 years. This period is probably very small for the Ukrainians, who are used to buy houses with the expectation that live in it will be their children and grandchildren.

In addition, the Canadian technology can build houses with a maximum height of 4 storeys, while the two regular 9-etazhkah can safely resettle residents in the cottage area of ??10 hectares. Given the high cost of land in major cities and their surrounding areas, to construct such districts will most likely at a distance from them. Since the jobs for all residents of the town side by side is not there, they will spend on the road every day for several hours.
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