Cottage in the suburbs is worth an average of 3.6 thousand dollars per «square»

16.06.2011 17:45
Articles about real estate | Cottage in the suburbs is worth an average of 3.6 thousand dollars per «square» In May 2011 the average price on the objects-of-town residential suburbs remained the same, with minor fluctuations in the direction of lowering or raising the cost, depending on the quality of the project and stage of readiness.

Cost of 1 sq. km. m of new homeownership in a cottage village, according to Blackwood, the end of May amounted to 3.6 thousand dollars.

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It is worth noting that in May 2011 a number of major real estate players have announced their future plans for the implementation of country projects. The company "Capital Group" plans to build two cottage village on a plot of 80 hectares, located 20 km from Moscow to Volokolamskoye., Near the village of Zhelyabin.

The first settlement of the business class can be brought to market later this year. It is assumed that the average size of households will be 250-270 square meters. m plot - 17-20 acres. The cost of the house with a plot of approximately will vary in the range of 800-850 thousand dollars.

The company "OPIN" plans to start next year's draft integrated development of an area of ??300 hectares, 25 km from Moscow to Kiev sh. The project will be constructed apartment buildings (200 thousand square meters. M), townhouses, cottages, social and commercial facilities.
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