Cottage exhibit was the «guinea-house»

11.10.2010 11:00
Articles about real estate | Cottage exhibit was the «guinea-house» And passed the test for energy efficiency
Can I check - is there a gap in the home and a hole from which during the cold years of precious heat leaks, and the owner, as they say, begins to heat the street? Possible. True, we will not dissemble, such tests for our consumers, buying a home in the cottage, from the realm of fantasy. But who knows what will happen in a few years may house equipment for testing at the Leaky "will be sold as a normal vacuum cleaner?

A few days ago for the first time in Russia was held a unique test of efficiency of individual residential homes. Have a cottage with the help of special equipment - "Wind door." Event occurred at the exhibition of technologies of low-rise building "The House", which was solemnly opened on October 7 in the cottage community Smartville Dmitrovka 39 km. from Moscow.

Happened since the show. "Tester" was made a partner in our national exposure, Eric Benishek - Director General of the exhibition Blaue Lagune, he supervised the experiment. Aides to Mr. Benisheka firmly shut all doors and windows and tried to close the remaining holes in the house (vetilyatsionnye, sewer). Then the "wind door started pumping air into the house and, accordingly, in areas sharply increased the pressure. Later in the course was put special theatrical machine, which filled with smoke all the safe room at home. If the house had been slit, then the public who watched the experiment in the street, they would see as a gap treacherously curled gray smoky jet. However, this did not happen - a demonstration house on the factory Tamak "passed the test. In a smoky cloud, he was only after the window opened.

According to Mr. Benishek, for owners of private homes in Europe, such an experiment is worth a few hundred euros. The amount varies depending on the individual characteristics of the cottage. But, apparently, paid off - after seeing holes, the owner knows where he podremontirovat, and then does not overpay for heating. All the more so in Europe "communal" expensive ours. Well, we probably will soon cease to "marvel" to the overseas stuff and taking advantage of a rewarding experience.
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