Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to live

04.04.2011 16:00
Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to live

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As the soul is light and quiet.
Boris Pasternak

Global urbanization made ??it clear that live away from urban noise and dust, hear the birds singing, breathe in clean air dreams, each of us.
Cottage town "Belgravia" - this is your dream, embodied in the reality in which they live happy people.
Realize their DREAM! After all ...

"Belgravia" - a oneness with nature. And the word "ecology " has played a major role. Our cottages are built of Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to liveenvironmentally friendly materials. They are comfortably situated among century-old virgin pines.
"Belgravia" - a healthy and active lifestyle amongst beautiful nature. Tennis, swimming, fitness, fitness - everyone can choose to their liking. A distance from the metropolis, silence, clean air and the magical power of nature can help to keep for many years that we want each other, but what often forget to take care of.
"Belgravia" - it is comfort and safety. They provide their own office and operating hour security. Here everything is left to chance.
"Belgravia" - a prestige. There are no undesirable neighborhoods. People live here alone with your range and style of life.
"Belgravia" - a place where you want to LIVE

Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to live
Cottage town "Belgravia" - a place where you want to live.
Instead of city life - the crystal clear air and singing birds.
Instead of traffic jams on highways gassy, ??jogging along the forest paths. It replaces a crowd of people quietly whispering leaves and mushroom hunting.

Agree to all of us it is important to note that love and care for loved ones. It is obvious that a truly happy person can only be in the family.

Create your perfect HOME CENTER, you can precisely in Belgravia. "
And you have the opportunity not only to choose a favorite cottage, but with the help of professionals to realize all your ideas and plans.
Take advantage of their privilege. Let it be

Your land, your house, in which he lives YOUR HAPPINESS!
How to get there, where dreams come true? Very simple.
Cottage town "Belgravia is located in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area in the village of Dmitrovka.
Leaving from Kiev to Zhitomir highway, traveling seven miles from the checkpoint, you will ...

The unspoilt countryside cottage situated "Belgravia.
From the outside world, he is protected by a sturdy fence guard the territory offers professional security service, advanced system monitoring and alarm system.

"Belgravia" - a unique complex with an autonomous supply of pure artesian water, gas, electricity, based on intelligent technologies for human life.
That's why "Belgravia" is chosen by people who prefer a harmonious combination of all the achievements of civilization and life in the lap of nature.

Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to live
ANY COTTAGE you like?
Agree: work in the city but live outside it - the best option for people. When you have for yourself is to realize you made ??a decision to make it a reality.
In the cottage area "Belgravia" erected 30 cottages that meet all requirements for comfort. Homes ranging from 170 to 300 sq ft can be located at sites in 5, 12, 20 and 25 ares.
It is obvious that making the right choice - a difficult task. More interesting to solve it! So you can choose a house from the already constructed or experienced architects will create it for your individual needs.

Floor Plans

Disposition cottage (287 sq ft)
Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to liveLay-duplex (170 sqm)
Picture: Cottage complex «Belgravia» - a place where you want to live
Foundation - concrete blocks PBS
Walls - brick terraced M-100 (Vinnytsia CP)
ROOF - METROBOND - unique roofing material produced in Belgium, which creates
the effect of a natural slate roof. The basis of the roof is sheet steel METROBOND
0.5 mm thick, coated on both sides alyumotsinkovym alloy, which is 4-6 times longer
protects the steel substrate from corrosion in areas of contact with the external environment. On the right side
shingles applied granules of natural stone, protected by a layer of transparent acrylic.
FACADE - facade plaster KREISEL. KREISEL occupies a leading position in the
Ukrainian market of dry mortar.
WINDOWS - REHAU. To date, plastic windows are nothing new, but high-quality window design is always worthy of attention
WATER SUPPLY - centralized water supply system. 3 wells depth of 145m (Cenomanian aquifer). Water Cenomanian horizon under powerful Cretaceous sediments and is of good quality and stability of chemical composition.
DRAINAGE - Centralized
ELECTRICITY - 10-15 kW per house, three-phase power
GAS medium pressure
Roads and sidewalks. Road and Pavement. We are not left unattended road
bringing to replace the gray - the natural practicality.

"Belgravia. THE LAND WHERE THERE ...
Cleanliness and comfort. Oh man, we tried on where and how he lives.
"Belgravia" - an amazing place where the world pleases and warms the soul, gives a sense of peace and inner harmony, moves the city bustle outside of consciousness. Here everything is done to the smallest detail so that the creative power of nature combined with the modern requirements for elite housing.
Clean and lighted sidewalks, manicured lawns and colorful flower beds. In the window, look in pine ...
And, of course, like clockwork, our service operation takes care of garbage disposal, cleaning, maintenance of utility networks.
YOUR RIGHT - live rich and comfortable. Use it!
Personal space - a zone where people feel comfortable, secure, confident. It has its own territory ...
It is in the "Belgravia" you have the opportunity to push your comfort zone. Agree, no, even the largest flat, not a substitute for a private house with green lawns outside the window or garden with a pond in the Japanese style ...
Environment and health. Self-respecting man cares not only about their welfare, but also about their health.
Nature in the Belgravia will help you rejuvenate. After all, clean air and fragrant pine forest, which houses the cottage has a miraculous power, improves mood and increases efficiency, saturates the body with energy and heal many ailments ...
If it's important to your quality of life,


HEALTH. Only healthy people can be free, joyful and happy. That is why the cottage "Belgravia offers all possibilities for sports activities. It provides a swimming pool, fitness center and a wonderful SPA-center. The highlight of a sports complex are 10 new tennis courts, soccer and volleyball.
It is clear that the benefits of tennis lessons can be said for a long time. This is not the only one of the most effective means to maintain the vitality and health, tennis gives great emotional charge, good spirits and good humor. But in addition, tennis - it's a lifestyle, because it is a sport of aristocrats!
I must say that in the sports complex has a children's room and in the park - children's playgrounds. You can safely go about your business - your favorite offspring will be under the supervision of experienced nannies and governesses.
LEISURE. Pleasant surroundings, quiet unobtrusive music, well-trained waiters, delicious food from around the world, rich wine ... You will definitely become a frequenter of our wonderful restaurants. Here you can spend a romantic evening with someone you love, meet fun birthday party or a party with friends.
And by the way, you do not have to rack their brains over where to place the night of their guests. A comfortable hotel will give your friends the feeling of home warmth and comfort.

Give yourself and your family good life!
Happy family life is impossible without trust and mutual respect.
Cottage town "Belgravia" - an ideal place to live, filled with love and acceptance. Here is your family boat does not break on life, because everything is thoroughly planned and created so close to nature surrounds you livability and comfort.

"As well, if I lived in this place!"

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