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03.11.2010 13:00
Articles about real estate | Cottage building regulations are not regulated - expert Correspondent Portal met with Deputy Head of Planning and Architecture and Infrastructure Development of Kyiv Regional State Administration Andrei Nikolayevich Ponomarev and asked him to express personal views on housing and low-rise building in the Kiev region.

Construction industry is a complex field, which consists, in addition to designing, from financing and investment, construction materials, the direct process of construction works, real estate market and more. Therefore, each of the components significantly affect its development.

-Andrei N., tell us briefly about the program affordable and social housing.
-You must distinguish between the terms "accessible" and "social" housing. Affordable housing - a regular housing, available free of charge, on favorable terms, or by partial public financing. In state program for affordable housing today, mostly at the expense of investing in unfinished, due to the crisis, residential buildings. But because of state budget sequestration funding affordable housing programs, which predicted this year, has been reduced twice.

Social housing - the construction of housing units for extremely minimal or, in exceptional cases, low regulatory indicators, due to which it is cheaper. A striking example of solving the housing issue by reducing construction is called "hruschovki. Good or bad - the question is ambiguous.

- What about low-rise and cottage construction in the region?
-In my opinion, an alternative affordable housing in apartment buildings is to support the individual building. But do not dive deeply into the calculation to see that at a cost equal a square meter of living space in multistory buildings is significantly less than in the individual, built using similar materials and technology. Therefore, taking into account the demographic and migration trends, the development of low-rise building will be done soon, most likely due to better-off urban residents as a second home recreation.

Current socio-economic realities, integration processes and stratification of society in terms of the provision raised new requirements for individual dwelling sites and led to the practice of building sectional plots (townhouses) - economy class; cottage villages - business class.

Townhouses may claim to be "social" housing in the context of low-rise buildings because the cost of each of its sections, and a small plot of land is significantly less than the standard estate planning. In addition, this reduces the cost of building a comprehensive solution to the issue of artificial support.

Gated Community - a relatively autonomous entity provided the developed socio-cultural structure and engineering support within a fixed land for permanent or temporary residence. But, while it is building the designated infrastructure is an additional component of the financial value of each cottage. Therefore, the cost of a cottage, usually of standard house.

However, it should be noted that in organizing the placement and construction of a cottage village townhouses is a significant problem - the insecurity regulatory framework. Requirements for the construction of townhouses and cottages are not provided for existing state building codes. In this connection, the townhouses are made as sealed blocking building, and most cottage village is actually a common horticultural societies. This unliquidated and incorrect interpretation of the Land Code of the term "gardening" as purpose of land, create a precedent where a plot of land provided for the cultivation of perennial fruit plantations, is implemented for the construction of a garden or even a cottage home. In these cases, when determining the possibility of developing land for construction should be guided not its purpose, and availability of urban planning and design documentation, which includes its building. thanks you for detailed information and content is waiting for new material.

Communicating Victor Kovalenko
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