Corruption hinders the creation of an electronic land registry in Ukraine?

08.07.2010 20:27
Ukraine loiter with the creation of an electronic land registry, funded by the World Bank. This was stated by the World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Martin Raiser.

Experts explain the delay in the corruption and frequent changes of leaders of the State Committee. The leadership of the project from Ukraine assured that the backlog has been overcome and an electronic inventory will be on time, wrote Dom.ria.

World Bank offers loan to Ukraine to restore order in the land sector since 2003. They should have gone to create the electronic land registration system and issuance of acts on land in rural areas. However, by 2009 the project was temporarily stopped due to unsettled Ukrainian legislation. But after the upgrade project Ukrainian side realizes it only after considerable delay, said in an interview with Radio Liberty, World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Martin Raiser.

"This project is really very difficult, but we agreed on concrete action plan that actually perform until 2012. This year, the drawdown was at 9%. Until the end of the project for two and a half years to implement it will be difficult but possible, if a serious monitoring of the project from both sides. The monitoring we have already agreed with Goskomzem, the chief of the bank in Ukraine.

Delays in the project in the current environment are natural, observes an expert on agrarian and land issues Razumkov center Vladimir Zhmutsky.

"Ukraine would soon translate information into electronic form. It is modern, but imagine how tedious a job. For example, in Canada, this process is still ongoing. In addition, as Ukraine is free to spend these funds, if SLC fever, its leaders are changing every year? They recently were not professionals, but they depend on the project "- says Zhmutsky.

"Money spent mediocre and ineffective"

At the same Goskomzem these and other problems of improvement of Ukrainian land linked to corruption schemes, which until recently operated in this area.

"For 10-15 years of mediocre, poorly spent budget funds. Analysis shows that the millions investment does not benefit, and dissipated. Huge investment, including low cost, through state-owned firms received sub-contractors, the approach to former officials of the State Committee ", - said Sergey Belchik, Deputy Chairman State Committee.

Meanwhile, in the group to implement the project in the State Committee stated that the major difficulties have been overcome. This is, in particular, said in an interview with Radio Liberty, the project manager Sergey cubes.

"The project is suspended because government regulations had not yet determined the powers of land registration. Hence the delay with the use of credit. Today, the disbursement has reached 30%, and we are on schedule planning to build a registration and cadastre system ", - said cubes.

To her for the World Bank was ready in 2012 to allocate a total of about $ 190 million. A year ago the World Bank expert Gavin Adlington said that to complete the inventory Ukraine needs about three years, but only if the coordinated work of all the land agencies.
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