Corpsmen in our apartment

09.11.2010 00:02
Articles about real estate | Corpsmen in our apartment It's no secret that the indoor air quality, especially in urban areas, far from ideal. The air is concentrated dust and chemicals, which are distinguished furniture, synthetic building materials, paints and varnishes. In addition, indoor air contains many microorganisms, including opportunistic.

Modern interior designers are using green plants, not only to decorate the premises, but also for the improvement of air. Indoor plants emit into the air volatiles, which even in low concentrations can not only clean the air of harmful microorganisms, but also to improve human well-being.

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For rooms where the decoration and interior design is applied a sufficient amount of synthetic materials that emit into the air of harmful chemicals, including formaldehyde, the most suitable rubber plants.

Most of the figs - a fast-growing plant with a large number of stomata on the leaves. They absorb the toxic substance to humans, in the air (benzene, trichlorethylene, phenols), and transform them by using special enzymes into amino acids and sugars.

Many of the daily experience the negative impact of the computer, causing increased fatigue, drowsiness, headache, pain in the eyes. Investigating the impact of computer on human health, to the possible risk factors, scientists attributed the electromagnetic and electrostatic field, ionizing and ultraviolet light displays, the noise.

British scientists have found that South American cacti are capable of absorbing the weak radiative emission computer systems. Specialists suggest that unique properties of spiny plants due to the fact that in the course of evolution they have adapted to conditions of increased radiation at home - in the highlands of Peru and Mexico.

Next to a working computer will not put any more than the green plants that are good remove static electricity, which contributes to the sedimentation of dust. Relieve fatigue, naturally appearing in the paper on your computer, help plants such as myrtle, geranium, laurel.
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