Consumer confidence returns

27.08.2010 20:40
Articles about real estate | Consumer confidence returns General Director of JSC "Kuryazhsky house-building complex," Valery Vereitinov noted that consumer confidence to the construction companies is slowly returning. Kharkiv again began to invest in the construction in progress.

"The volume of housing since 2008 has fallen almost 10 times. But now there is some stability, the level of home sales is growing - a source of funds with which continue to operate building companies.

Previously enjoyed great demand unfinished housing - people who invested their money in the first phase of construction. The ratio was as follows: 60% of investments - in construction in progress, 40% - in prepared objects.

In 2009, in connection with the crisis of confidence in the construction companies has decreased and the ratio changed in the direction of the finished housing, respectively, 10% to 90%. Now the ratio has returned 40% to 60%. This means that buyers are once again become trusted construction companies that continue to build and fulfill their obligations before investors ", - said V. Vereitinov.
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