Construction output in the EU began to grow

24.02.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Construction output in the EU began to grow The average figures for the EU show that construction activity in late 2013th finally showed a positive trend. Though growth is quite small , it is encouraging . But back in November construction volumes continued to decline. Drop was 0.8 %. And compared to December 2012, the index rose by eight tenths.

Among the member countries of the European Union , the highest increase in construction activity was registered in the Czech Republic. Here growth was 6%. Immediately followed by France with 4.5%. Three leaders Slovakia closes with 2.9%.

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The most noticeable decline recorded in Slovenia. Construction activity fell by 17.2% . Second and third places are occupied Poland and Spain . Although the incidence is less serious - 4.1% and 3.3% respectively.

In many countries where fixed reduction in the rate of construction, and falling sales. For example, in Spain in 2013 kolichesvto transactions in housing decreased by 20 %.
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