Construction of the industrial method would affect the quality of housing

13.03.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate | Construction of the industrial method would affect the quality of housing Construction of buildings industrial method for the state account or with the support of the Government will accelerate the introduction of housing into operation by 40-50% by saving time on the interior and exterior finish work. Depending on the materials used and the scale of construction, the cost of apartments in these buildings can be 20-30% lower than those of private developers. This opinion was expressed by head of sales LCD Dmitry Shostya Park Stone, commenting on Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vilkul the introduction in Ukraine of industrial approaches to the construction of social and affordable housing.

According to the expert, the basis of the industrial construction method is production of panels for residential buildings in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. "In fact, it is a return to panel houses are built of ready designs. This method is less monolithic construction, because the developer does not consume additional resources to finish the facade of the building. It is faster and cheaper process, "- said Shostya.

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The expert adds that the materials that can be used in such construction, will surely be affordable, although the Cabinet and said the use of energy efficient technologies. "Because of the very principle - to make ready the panel - is the risk of cracks in time between them, the fungus on the inside of the walls," fistula "on joints and other conditions, familiar to every inhabitant of a house. The money that will be saved in the construction of such housing, sooner or later have to spend on insulation and major repairs, "- says Shostya.

Furthermore, he added that in a home built industrial method to be very meager selection of planning and re-planning will be significantly complicated by the large number of load-bearing walls.

According to experts, the reason why the government is moving towards the revival of industrial approach in construction - this intractability of developers who do not want to sell to government programs apartments at low prices. "Now the market is slowly recovering, many companies see the future to sell properties at the market price, because interest in participating in state programs, with their unstable funding decreases. Even the "close" of the company, which had administrative levers of influence on the process of financing, gradually reduce their activity in this direction, "- says Shostya.

Is the risk of financial instability and industrial methods of construction, he said. "In order to be profitable, factory prefabricated serviceable whole housing estates. It is hard to say what will be the mechanism for financing the project from the state. It is unclear whether there is enough money to secure a booking of accommodation, sufficient to leave the plant to profitability, "- he said.
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