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09.08.2020 01:00
Professionals in the field of cottage townships development companies are advised to begin work on a project master plan. Marketers are reminded developers that the development of strategies to promote the market should start from the ideas of the construction process. However, despite the obviousness of this situation, many companies operating in the suburban housing market begin to think about general terms, when the building area is in full swing.

An example of a failed development organized by the cottage can be called the next real event. In one town near Kiev residents began selling their homes. Most often this occurred only a few months after the housewarming. To the question, what was the motive for the sale, they answered that they are not those jams that occur at the entrance to the capital, and those that impede exit from the village. Almost all the owners of local stations operate in the city, where they regularly every morning, directed. Due to the narrow exit from the site, with all their machines streams are flocking to a common transport "river", which leads to a guarded gate at the border village.

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Day and night cars can pass through such interchanges within the village. But in the early morning, when dozens of car owners at the same time go to work, then, of course, builds up a long line of cars slowly crawling to the exit of the village, get on your nerves. Do impatient residents have two choices: either go into the office well, very early in the morning, or come to the conclusion that a tedious morning in a traffic jam to hold it is not necessary and should address the problem fundamentally.

Act on the plan
If only a few years ago, planning and construction of cottage townships were profitable and is seen as a fairly simple craft, is now working on a suburban real estate market can be considered a subtle and complex art. In its simplest form to make a profit from the business of real estate in the country had to first buy the land, then take the necessary communications and cut the land into plots and build a couple of model projects. Final stages of this work was usually selling houses and counting the profits. But that was before and it seems that time has not come back. Been replaced by a comprehensive understanding of a cottage and the process of its building, which is difficult to imagine as a short list of items.

Everywhere in the country currently uses an integrated approach to projects. Today, the business case profitability venture this item is one of the main places. The accumulated experience shows that end-users usually are not satisfied with the options for purchasing houses in the villages where the general layout of streets and sites, the system engineering services and plans of houses, there is clearly independent of each other. Seeing this, investors are also not in a hurry to invest in projects whose construction will be carried out without thoughtful master plan.

Today the actual construction, which is the principle of organization of the village, where, for example, plan a kitchen or living room is related to the plan of the streets, as in the formation of house prices will also take into consideration views from the windows. In carrying out these complex works best results are achieved if they are performed by a single company. In the state of such a company should be a variety of specialists. Maximizing the profitability of the projects will be facilitated by professionals of master planning and interior designers, as well as managers, economists, designers and engineers on all aspects of design. Although coordination of different types of work, of course, will cause some difficulty in control, but it is usually justified by the new level of end-product quality and willingness of investors to invest in the cottage at this level. Thus, literally, before our eyes is the evolution of the design of cottage townships. Movement from craft to art development companies analysts describe as the introduction to this process the principles of "smart" urban development.

When comparing the western cottage settlements with their Ukrainian counterparts latter differ not for the better availability of social infrastructure. Typically, a good European or American village consists of a self-sufficient and harmonious town. Homeowners in these communities can, without going beyond it, learn, shop, play sports. Nowadays, Ukrainian cottage is often, according to analysts, a sort of ill thought out the sleeping area. At best, the builders can offer their customers as a leisure walk in the nearest intact forest zone of civilization. Currently, the Kiev region, is refusing to create larger cottage towns, and there is a shift toward smaller sizes, which averaged about 50 households. Payback larger projects can blow at more difficult to organize cottage villages.

General Plan
In general, the general construction plan for a country organized by the cottage community is a key document, which reflects the principles and objectives of the construction and development of this suburban area. It should indicate the stages of prediction, based on a long period of how this area will be divided into zones, as will develop the infrastructure and so on. Work on this plan enough. With it should be resolved on integrated assessment of natural and socio-economic, planning, infrastructure and other characteristics of the territory. In the general plan given a forecast of changes of urban planning and environmental conditions and socio-economic development over time, carried out the zoning areas in functions, uses, addresses environmental issues. Planning cottage ideally involves finding the delicate balance between the natural environment and that can create for your convenience of people.

At a time when the domestic suburban housing construction was just getting on its feet, primarily real estate developers interested in the proximity of the cottage village roads and existing utilities. In this formulation, the question the quality of the landscape was left on the second, if no further place. Decisions of this nature dictated by the desire of builders to save money and do not load yourself unnecessary problems. However, the practice put everything in its place. Currently, the final buyer delighted to overpay for the house, around which there is a beautiful landscape and ecological environment quality. Today in Ukraine, as well as throughout the world, the natural characteristics of land are a very important factor in attracting potential customers, as well as a positive influence on the formation of prices. Therefore, developers and designers are now doing everything possible effort to underscore the merits of landscaped areas.

Our architects are now trying to learn from Western masters such an approach, which can be called organic, the construction of the town. He suggests the most careful analysis of the natural environment and conditions of development, based on available analytical data. In accordance with this approach, a point on which stands a start in designing a cottage settlement, it is worth to consider the specifics of the landscape, uzhu available in stock. If the site has such natural attractions, such as a lake, grove, or change of the relief, it is possible to make the semantic center around which will create a concept and image of the village.
An example of such a town can serve an elite cottage community "Maetok. Pearl of Italy, where the territory of 18 hectares is located 104 home ownership in a single architectural style on the formation lions" Vasilkovsky Carpathians ".
It is possible that "gifts" of nature will require a significant development company adjusting initial development plans. In the event that the matter came up creatively, then the success of the work will be more likely. In some situations, enterprising developers receive a high enough profit from the projects when using their imagination. Often, they form landscapes constructed settlements. We give the following positive example. So ugly pond or ditch can be transformed into a network of ornamental canals. As a result of this transformation can be a beautiful village in the style of Venice.
Examples include a number of cottage townships Obukhov district with a cascade of natural and artificial reservoirs.

After realizing that graciously gave consideration to the nature of the plot should be a process of creative exploration. According to the results of this market analysis created the concept of building a cottage village. That is, given a theoretical basis that analysts like to see on this earth. This is essentially obtained a master plan, which is in the initial stage. In general, this is a very valuable source material with which to begin detailed design of all sections. The time period that is required, usually for a general design cottage village takes from 6 to 12 months, while the term concept formation accounts for about a month. The concept of creation of the village is very important. It gives a first impression about the optimal division of the territory and placing objects on the sites to determine the balance of the territories and to calculate the necessary resources to start building the technical documentation and consultation with the district architect. The notion of the concept master plan includes basic planning, architectural and stylistic ideas of the future of the village. Based on the data points can make a more specific design decisions. Thus, at the early stages, you can plan all the basic parameters of cottages, their engineering features and footage.

It is worth noting that even in the initial version of the approximate overall planning is not just a division of land into plots, and creating an image and atmosphere of a future settlement. When you create a blueprint from the outset it is worth considering how the organized transport accessibility of settlement, as will be regulated traffic in the village, as will be deployed engineering construction. Do not forget about thinking through the organization of places of public access and recreational areas. Thus, at the initial stage of the development master plan is not just determined by the quality of life in the village, and the foundation for their individual image. Designer in the implementation of this work should already be clear about its target audience of the final product. To obtain this information, marketers need to analyze the demand and determine the number of potential buyers of the cottage housing in view of the creative content and image of the project. With good design in the concept master plan for the settlement will be incorporated not only the potential of the planned initial construction, but also identify further prospects for development. Projected settlement should have its own "future". He should like to expand extensively in both space and intensive development on an existing territory. This information should be considered when determining the size of plots, the density of building, location of houses and streets.

Further action

Previously, development companies are seeking suburban real estate market short-term commercial gain and to select projects that involve relatively inexpensive land purchase and prompt sale of constructed houses on standard projects. Talking about the architectural and stylistic harmony and individuality, the development of infrastructure of the village and future prospects, in principle, was carried out. Now the market situation is quite different. Investors, having saved money, changed their way of thinking. In recent years, increasingly in demand are major long-term projects. Developers are ready to go on costs, but will eventually get a quality system product, which would have had the good qualities of liquid and a good prospect for further extensions.

Today, the market demand by entrepreneurs projects that require large investments, but instead will give the investor a vivid image of the project and clear step description of the work. With such a project would be then much easier to work, as all aspects of landscape architecture to the social infrastructure of carefully thought out and justified. Also in qualitative master plan worked out budget issues and the expected profit. It should be noted that not every project organization to cope with this task. From it will require not only the ability to apply a very broad spectrum of professional capabilities, skills and knowledge but also the specific ability to synthesize together these capabilities and skills. Manifestation of their high level of professionalism will be the creation of high-quality master plan for building a cottage village.

You can also say that the general plan is clear, the core communication designer and investor, as there clearly provides information about what, how and for how long planned to build an object-of-town real estate. At the stage of the selection of projects investors are understandable caution. After all, finance the construction of such a large business as cottage in case of approval of technical or economic failures early in the process can greatly undermine its financial position. As a result, investors looking for a reliable option, even before the work should have a comprehensive view of the technological construction of the project and its cost effectiveness. Conceptual plan in such a case should be a strong argument in favor of a project. As any careful and well-researched economic document a comprehensive plan must show the optimization of costs by creating a plan for a possible reduction in costs throughout the project. Qualitatively, the Master Plan should show the real time-saving construction and, accordingly, investors' money. It will also allow more detail to calculate the project budget to determine the phases of work to manage optimally. But with the master plan developer organizations have to communicate not only with the investor, but also with local authorities. They will need to agree on numerous design and construction documentation that is required for the erection of cottage.

Master plan the future of the town from the perspective of local officials should look like a well-defined set of required drawings, taking into account the various SNIP, rules, regulations and state standards. It does not take place independently invented conventions. The standards say that the drawings should be done in a professional manner in compliance with the rules. The standard set of drawings for the master plan should include: summary of the drawings, center plan, a plan of organization of relief, a plan of earth masses, a consolidated plan of utilities, land improvement plan, as well as outrigger elements (parts, components). Then the project area development should be coordinated with the bodies of architecture and urban planning, environmental protection, with agencies of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, state fire service and environmental oversight. In the eyes of the future residents of cottage town master plan, made in the well-adapted to the customer will play a role not just an accompanying document to the draft, but his visual advertising that attracts not well-chosen slogan, but their quality and intelligibility.
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