Construction industry: the crisis of the prices will drop

06.09.2008 00:00
In the summer of 2008, the number of transactions on sale of apartments in new buildings has decreased over the same period of 2006 to 80%, - such data with reference to the capital's property market experts lead "Evening News" (dated 8/21/2008) in the article "What we should build a house? ". In addition, Realtors ascertain complete paralysis of the secondary market, where sales of close to zero.

The demand for housing experts associated with the tightening of monetary policy. As a result of exchange rate volatility of the U.S. dollar, Ukrainian banks have not only restricted the number of granted loans for housing purchase, but also pushed up to very heavy buyer of statistical average level of interest rates.

Caught without customers, building campaign began to bear huge losses. Invested in the construction money is not only not profitable, but not elementary kicking. A case in point is at least the fact that over the last 2-3 months in the capital stopped construction of 30 houses, constructed from a variety of developers (including the "Granite", "Poznyakizhilstroy, Kyivmiskbud"), and taking into account of the number of objects up to 50.

In this case, according to Vice-President of Ukrainian Construction Association Nikolai Tolmachev, rumors that the crisis will happen a sharp drop in prices for apartments are not baseless. "Most likely, prices will only continue to grow, and work on the frozen construction site will resume only after the construction firms, or resell unfinished objects to another investor, or become more rich owners" - says the expert.

Particularly strong crisis hit nedorazgosudarstvlennym businesses. For example, after January of this year went into effect a new budget Kyivmiskbud "(de facto, a company with no real assets, but with serious obligations to investors) should be involved in land sales on the general grounds that, firstly, delaying the procedure for obtaining land, and, secondly, makes no warranty that the land will be assigned to him. Therefore, investors here are not in a hurry.
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