Construction in the cottage goes

14.03.2011 14:19
Articles about real estate | Construction in the cottage goes Although in 2010 the market town real estate sales transactions consisted of too little, the developers have to start construction immediately on Ukraine 39 cottage communities. In the Kiev region laid 17 of them.

In January-February 2011 conclusion of the draft new cottage villages in the market continued to grow. In particular, s.Vita-Mail Sviatoshynsky Kiev Kyiv region group of companies, the RD-Invest "(Kiev, development, construction, since 2005, 40 people.) From a bar and block Hausa began construction of cottage "Isakovo.

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On a plot of 4.52 hectares is planned to build 82 duplex and 14 cottages 115-146 sq ft area with lots of 3 hectare in duplexes and 8 hectare - near the cottages. Cost of 1 sq. m will be at least $ 850.

As reported BUSINESS Irina Kostyanetskaya, Project Manager Isakovo, the village has already built two of the showroom. The project will be completed by 2014

At the same s.Dmitrovka Kiev Sviatoshynsky area company Ekolend intends to erect a cottage "business class" Belgravia. " At 7 km from Kiev on a plot of 5 hectares will be built of brick 36 houses with an area of ??170-300 sq ft adjacent plots 5.12 hectare.

Cost of 1 sq. m at the initial stage of at least $ 1 thousand According to Irina Zrazhevsky, director of "Ekolend" (Kiev, construction, since 2003, and 30 people.), In the village had already laid all communications from with. Dmitrovka, and held the power line. And even ready for finishing two homes. Implementation of the project the company plans to finish by 2013

Erection of the first in Ukraine a residential club on the "system itself" began in s.Motizhin Makarov district, Kiev region company "Topfvell Consulting Ukraine" (Kiev, construction, management of construction projects, since 2007).

According to Dmitry BUSINESS Sheynert, head of sales department, the project is implemented at the site, to which all communications. Land array belongs to the individual.

Those who wish to settle in this village will be able to redeem favorite site, choose house design and supervise the construction process, ie, actually serve as the management company would be "Topfvell Consulting Ukraine. The average budget at home on a turnkey basis with a site area of ??7.3 hectare in the said village is $ 86-130 thousand

Interestingly, in this project was started cottage towns, not only in Kiev but also in other regions of Ukraine.

For example, Victor Kovalenko, the director of "RealEkspo" (Kiev, consulting and real estate services, since 2007, 5 pers.), Said that in the Zaporozhye region pos.Solnechnoe developer intends on an area of ??42 hectares to build a 433 home area 109-234 sq ft with adjacent plots of 6.10 hectare. Of 1 square meter building will have to pay $ 800-850, and per 1 sq.m. of land - $ 4,5-5,0 thousand

Private investors are also planning to build two cottage village in Odessa region. One of them is located in s.Nikolaevka Belgorod-Dniester region, and another - in pos.Mayaki Belaiev area. As noted by Mr. Kovalenko is a large land plot of 120-270 ha. Now towns are selling plots without a contract for $ 1,2-3 thousand per 1 sq.m..

"Basically the market there are new developers with projects of small towns in terms of economy class. Often, cottage villages developed on the basis of horticultural associations. In addition to ready-made houses in these townships are sold plots of land, as a contract, and without it (ie the buyer can build a house yourself. - Ed.) "- Has compiled an observable market suburban housing trend, Mr. Kovalenko.

According to him, cottage villages developers building largely at their own expense. True, some of them still rely on the inflow of investment from customers during construction. In particular, to attract private investors into thinking the company Ekolend "and" RD-Invest.

In this case, the developers do not seem to bother that the demand for suburban real estate of the population is still low. Many of them are convinced that Ukrainians are hiding money in a thrift-box. "

"Secured citizens, for example, in Kiev enough. Those who can immediately pay 100% of the cottage "- voiced his opinion Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing for" ST Development "(Kiev, consulting, since 2005, 60 people)..

Partly, according to Vitalina Medyanoy, director of sales fund investment in Ukrainian real estate Dragon Ukrainian Properties and Development Plc (DUPD; g.Duglas, Isle of Man, p. 2007), the current demand in the market provide customers who "understand that market price reached the bottom, and invest in real estate in calculating price increases in the future, because real estate is one of the most profitable investment instruments in the resumption of economic growth (especially given the low confidence in the banking system). "

By the way, Vladimir Stepenko predicts that the price of suburban housing can begin to gradually increase as early as 2011-2012. This, in his opinion, explains why entry of new projects.

And everyone seemed to be good, if not a "but" - the number of frozen projects. Only in the Kiev region, according to Mr. Kovalenko, in 74 towns construction halted. It's only 8 towns smaller than it was in early 2010

And if you believe the words of Vladimir Timochko, director of "Dragon Eset Management" (Kiev, asset management, since 2006, and 45 other people.) On the market of the Kiev region, there are only six are actively developing projects.

"Some towns continue to be implemented and build homeownership, but froze plans to engineering and social infrastructure, which adversely affects the reputation of such projects," - he stressed.?

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