Construction companies in Ukraine want to implement a construction savings system

05.02.2015 00:30
Articles about real estate | Construction companies in Ukraine want to implement a construction savings system At the initiative of the Construction Chamber of Ukraine on the basis of JSC "DSK-4" held "round table" with participation of construction companies Kiev managers. One of the main issues addressed was to attract financial resources in the construction. Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Construction Chamber of Ukraine Oleg Likhovid noted that in the present circumstances, when the banks are not ready to fully credit the construction industry, it is necessary to develop not a bank, and construction savings system (credit and financial mechanism) financing of housing construction in Ukraine, which is based on attracting financial resources of private investors.

"Today at the expense of our citizens is about 400 billion hryvnia. This is despite the fact that people withdrew their money. Approximately the same amount is for people" under the mattress. "If these people to show how they can invest their money in housing, it is possible to change the situation Such amounts -. it is a huge reserve for the financing of construction companies in Ukraine, - says Likhovid -. the experience of creating such a system already and it has been used successfully in Ternopil enough. "

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What you need to know when choosing a construction company in Ukraine
How to avoid mistakes in choosing a construction company? The answer is simple: in order to avoid being a victim of fraud and to prevent fatal mistakes must be thorough approach to the selection of a construction company.

Criteria for selection of construction companies in Ukraine

Availability of documents in a construction company.

The presence of the original documents confirming the registration of the company, permits, all necessary licenses, bank accounts in the bank.

Carefully read all the documentation, check, whether the same legal address with the physical address of the company. Mismatch of addresses - the first sign of the fictitious nature of the organization;

Age and reputation of the construction company.

Of course, even the young construction company, having behind a couple of years of work, could be nice to complete your order. However, the construction company with many years of experience and excellent reputation make it better. Check out the company's customer reviews. Believe me, the simple positive feedback of customers - the best recommendation for the construction company;

The first impression of communication.

When turning to the developer, you have listened carefully, received detailed advice on relevant issues, so before you solid organization. An individual approach, responsiveness and courtesy - all this creates a positive impression, and shows that you are dealing with an organization that values ​​its customers;

The presence of the office from the developer

Every major construction company has a working office. The company's office is to be, as a minimum, well renovated. If you visit it you notice the ceiling collapses, shabby wallpaper, broken sockets, switches, this company is hardly thriving. In most cases, these offices have "shell companies", renting a room for a short time;

The presence of a site from the developer

All self-respecting developers Kiev and Ukraine have their own websites, which provides information about their services. The seriousness and thoroughness of approach confirms the finding of the developer housing site in Ukraine on the first page in search engines for certain queries. The content and site promotion requires significant financial costs and effort. Select the construction company that can afford it;

The only warranties for services rendered.

According to Ukrainian legislation in the field of construction, construction companies in Ukraine must provide customers with a guarantee for the work performed. Terms and conditions of the guarantee should be registered in the contract. Major property developers not only provide a guarantee for performed services, but also provide after-sales service.

"Pitfalls" in the selection of a construction company:

- "Cheap cheese only in a mousetrap." In order not to fall for scams trick, do not cooperate with developers of new buildings that offer the lowest prices. As a rule, this is due to the fact that the construction company was originally simply forgets to mention the additional services. Experts of the company began to speak about the necessity of carrying out only when you have no possibility to refuse. Those organizations that perform a wide range of services at the same time require adequate pay, in almost the same size as most competitors, you have to call more confidence;

• hidden work. Hidden work - this is the work, the results of which can be hidden for subsequent operations. For example, laying the foundation. Once the foundation was built, it is difficult to determine the depth of the element formed by the house and calculate the exact amount of concrete that was spent. Signing the contract with the construction company, mention of the need for acts of the hidden works.

• purchase of materials. In some cases, the purchase of building materials runs a construction company or a general contractor. Calculate the exact amount of materials is difficult. You must be alert, and be sure to check the estimate, unless you want to thanks to thrifty builders after the construction of the house you have extra material at the rate of 20-30% of total purchases;

- turnaround time. When choosing a construction company, remember that if you are offered a fantastic short turnaround time, then, first of all, it will negatively affect their quality. In fact, do not trust the developers and contractors to offer a turnaround time that is twice or less real.

• fluctuations in the prices. Making estimates involves consideration of possible fluctuations in prices for construction and installation work. Unscrupulous developers can make such estimates, where prices are higher than the actual estimated cost by 50-100%. By signing the contract, clearly specify the scope of measure of price fluctuations.

If you do not have free time to choose a construction company, please contact a specialized agency. The agency for a small fee will provide you with some proven candidates with favorable working conditions.
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