Confiscated land and construction in progress are sold poorly

24.11.2010 20:07
Today, the sale offers a variety of collateral items, ranging from apartments and ending land and sophisticated production facilities. The biggest demand is for one-and two-bedroom apartments and residential premises, the smallest - construction in progress and land. Told Vadim Berezovikov, a board member of the bank's risk Forums Commerzbank Group.

"The biggest demand is for cheap real estate, situated in good locations - one-and two-bedroom apartments and residential premises, small shops. Does not sell uncompleted construction and land. But the belief that an object that has been pledged as collateral, you can buy very cheaply - misleading. In a display of objects for sale at a price significantly below the average, are not primarily concerned itself the borrower. Moreover, the banks are not willing to sell mortgages at low prices. But, of course, the market has some interesting objects that can be considered for purchase ", - said V. Berezovikov.

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According to the expert, the new mortgage facilities continue to come on the market, their number is still growing, but the pace of growth slowed markedly. It is connected with the fact that between banks and borrowers finally establish a constructive dialogue, which was not at the end of 2008 - in 2009, "Among the borrowers way to the understanding that the implementation of collateral - an extreme measure, the least profitable for both sides. Banks in turn continue to restructure distressed debt and otherwise to seek common ground with the borrowers, "- said the banker.
Also V. Berezovikov noted that if the bank and the borrower experiencing temporary financial difficulties, has already established cooperation, it is unlikely that the borrower will go into a "problem". As a general rule, if a bank offered to restructure the borrower and it went, then at the end of the term credit bank holidays soon will be inclined to offer a second restructuring if the borrower is still experiencing difficulties with payment of the loan.

"So I do not expect the market will soon be available a large number of secured objects as a consequence of the end of vacation credit" - the expert said.
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