Complexity as an obstacle

26.08.2010 09:57
Articles about real estate | Complexity as an obstacle Features of today's market, it seems, are pushing buyers to search homes on the secondary market - in the elemental building up. Offers in the cottage communities sometimes lose. Either the quality or price.

In the pre-crisis years was the reverse: cottage villages "eat off" more and more customers cottages with the secondary market. Accommodation in the elemental building of several parameters lost their homes in the cottage communities. In the last book attracted a secured perimeter, total recreational area (children, sports grounds, beaches, marinas, etc.), central issues of engineering, socially homogeneous environment. According to estimates of experts, a cottage, built in a single complex, at least 15-20% higher than the cost of a house in a "spontaneous" environment.

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It is no wonder that more and more developers are keen to sell the house, rather than the bare plots. Builders are not afraid to start construction of cottages in a strictly prescribed style: a lack of buyers was not as stylish project essentially won in the eyes of customers.

The crisis dramatically changed the alignment of preferences. Built to house a cottage communities were overly expensive products for clients with "post-crisis" purse. Developers reduce the requests below cost can not - for them it is a direct path to ruin, it's better to wait until the market recovers and prices return to the previous level.

By contrast, private entrepreneurs can display much more flexibility. Although, of course, fun is it and does not deliver.
Buyers in the market is, but they may be interested in a subject with a substantial discount. Such deals often pass by real estate firms: an agent is usually not empowered to grant the buyer the seller is so serious discounts and consistently upholding the position of the client, the de facto prevents a transaction.

Today, the interest the buyer can rely only those owners who are willing to lower the price of one and a half times against the pre-crisis level. And if, as often happens, the price prior to the crisis was overstated, the decline would have even more serious.

In the market, according to experts, many variants exhibited masters at random. They do not particularly want to part with their property and reason something like this: if you suddenly find a buyer, agree to the stated price, the sale will be held, if not - nothing to lose. Such options are not actually engage in market turnover and only took place in the catalog of offers. However, in passing provoke other owners to raise queries. But the beneficial shade "adequate" sellers.

One of the main shortcomings of today's proposal cottage settlements became former chief plus: complex building. If a couple of years ago, customers could expect around their plot will soon be out of town today, nice looking houses, but today the acquisition within the complex includes sprawling low-rise buildings for an indefinite period of construction on all sides. Against this backdrop, buying a home in the local prevailing building albeit not guarantee such a homogeneous neighborhood, but deliver us from the surrounding protracted.

Even objects "Small Development" (refers to houses built in the zone of spontaneous development by private investors) in this respect, win. Type occupied houses and tall trees surrounding them attract much more confidence builder that "someday this will spread the field garden city".
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