Compare the social housing here and abroad

29.03.2011 07:45
Articles about real estate | Compare the social housing here and abroad What is social housing in our understanding? Simple and very roomy apartment house built by one of the many standard designs. And the houses themselves placed in a square. Modern European experience to build social housing is different.

In fact, today our social housing is built on the same principles as in 1960: higher, bigger, faster. The best thing they can count on our waiting list - is a monolithic building with apartments of the normal planning and - oh joy! - A landscaped area around it. Talk about any expression of architecture such as houses and created habitat is unlikely to account for.

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But if we once studied industrial house in the West, perhaps we today consider the European experience to build social housing? There, authorities and developers successfully proved: at home waiting to be beautiful, comfortable and extraordinary in their architecture. And at this very affordable construction.

The biggest social and architectural experiment for 14 years in Denmark. There is building a new district of Copenhagen - called ?restad, consisting of scientific and educational centers, headquarters of large companies, college campuses and apartment buildings for ordinary citizens, who could never afford a studio or apartment in the historic center.

Total area called ?restad - 310 hectares, the area is provided by the state utilities and divided into separate sections, which are sold to private investors with ready-functional building programs. And since almost every developer held an architectural competition, as a result there appeared a very interesting objects and high-quality architecture.

So, a house Faelledhaven (architectural firm Domus) is a double-curved elongated body, a "body" which made a lot of cross-holes, allowing the landscape to penetrate concrete. Each floor is designed to model the hotel. Instead, corridors - open galleries, and almost every apartment entrance leads from the street as if it were a single house or townhouse.

The architects deliberately diversified possible floor plans, in order to get away from the unified apartments, leaving no room for imagination to its future residents. On some floors of galleries closely adjacent to the apartments, other related special bridges. As a result, inside the house seems a giant anthill, or a multi-level road junction, but on numerous roads are bustling not cars, and residents - some with strollers, some with bicycles who just walk.

As for the actual lay-out of housing, then in all apartments bearing walls surround only bathrooms, and so that can not be transferred, and the remaining space may be subjected to transformation. In addition, each apartment has a loggia, and some of them equipped for disabled persons and single elderly people. By the way, in Denmark there are strict limitations on the areas for social housing: one bedroom apartment must not be greater than 75 square meters. m, with two - 95, with three - 110 square meters. m. Social housing is also required to be equipped with a certain set of infrastructure facilities. In a residential home Faelledhaven is a kindergarten for 80 seats, located on the first floor.

Neighbor of this house is another interesting set of social housing - VM house, designed by architectural firm PLOT. Name of the complex gave its layout: it consists of two buildings, which resemble, respectively, in terms of letters V and M. This interesting configuration allowed for a maximum light house and a large number of options for layouts of apartments. In particular, the sharp corners of the "letters" architects placed a triangle in terms of studio designed for young childless couples or singles, but on the bends - elevator core.

The house used the corridor system: corridors lent on those facades of buildings, which face each other - this will protect future residents from the test of everyday involuntary spying on the neighbors. When you first look at floor plans VM house, it seems that the house is literally packed with the same type rather narrow flats. However, this impression is deceptive! In fact, there are built one-and two-level apartments, and within the premises of the resulting rectangles for different purposes are formed by dozens of different ways. Each apartment has a guest and the main bathroom, office, space for a closet, a bedroom balcony and an unusual triangular shape. The balconies are generously scattered on all glazing that makes the house look like a hedgehog, bristling all their needles.

Another new development called ?restad - apartment house Signalhuset Bureau of NOBEL. He lifted off the ground on a giant concrete pillars, which extend above as transverse load-bearing walls, dissecting the building into several independent blocks (entrances). The space between the beams is filled with colored panels and glass that visually hides the unnecessary brutality of the concrete. The advantage of such a constructive solution in the first place, that the other walls in the house no. As a result, all the apartments here have a free plan, and in addition, focus immediately on two sides of the world.

An unusual apartment complex was built two years ago in the Dutch city of Groningen on the project bureau Arons en Gelauff Architecten. All public functions are collected here in the developed stylobate, but the apartments are located in the 21-story tower, in terms of having the shape of a cross. "Grooves" of the cross is fully glazed, allowing, firstly, each apartment create a living room with two windows, and secondly, to provide shelter sufficient daylight. Make this house is even more different from their surroundings helped fronts, the solution as a brick screen with lots of round holes of different diameters - some of these holes serve as additional windows of residential premises and partly just decorations.

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