Coming year will be the year Housewarming in little village without a contract

24.01.2011 09:27
Articles about real estate | Coming year will be the year Housewarming in little village without a contract Coming year will be the year of the beginning of mass population in many of the little village without a contract, ascertain specialists developing company "Beautiful Land."

"In 2009 began an active entry of new cottage settlements. Complete clearance of all necessary documents and construction engineering and social infrastructure is the maximum 1,5-2 years. Thus, in 2011 the first settlements will be fully completed and will be open to newcomers, "- says CEO" Beautiful Land "Ilya Sapunov.

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The company "Beautiful Land" in December 2010 announced the completion of one of its first project - the cottage village without a contract "Strawberry" (47 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway). In 2011 it is expected that new home buyers will mark the areas in the townships "Pine Scent", "Sacred Source-1 and many others.

With regard to new projects, in 2011, an increase in their number would be minimal. According to the Elias Sapunova in early 2010 in the suburbs, there were around 120-130 villages without a contract, and now - 180-210. By the end of 2011 their number will grow to a maximum of 220-240. "Its resources will guide developers in the first place for the completion of existing projects rather than on the release of new" - the expert believes.

According to him, land prices will rise. However, higher prices will depend on including the degree of preparedness of the village. "Terms of surveying land, building roads, fences, playgrounds and sports grounds, as well as summing up the communication affect the growth of capitalization of the village. It is logical that all this is reflected in the cost of land. In those villages where there is no delay of these processes, the land this year, increases of 15-30%. In those villages where summing communications and construction of social infrastructure is slow or not being in general, rise in price of plots should not expect ", - quotes Sapunova press service of" Beautiful Land. "
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