"Club House" - an apartment on the ground

18.01.2011 10:26
Articles about real estate | "Club House" - an apartment on the ground In Europe, the old woman-and high-rise apartment houses are no longer popular among the residents. If you have ever been in European cities, you've probably noticed the architecture of the suburb. There coexist harmoniously in the neighborhood of cottages, townhouses and homes in malokvartirnye 2-3 floors. All of them have small areas or adjacent areas, well-maintained and landscaped. It is this building you can relax and rest from the noisy bustle of the city. It is the closest suburb gives recharge energy and health for adults, the natural freedom of the children.


In the late 1990's, the capital of Ukraine first talked about the new format of real estate - club houses. Today, so called residential buildings with few apartments (from 3 to 20) based on exclusive projects and designed for a narrow range of tenants. Prerequisite for the appearance of these buildings was the need to live in an apartment with a guaranteed level of service and comfort, to avoid constant crowds of people. It should be distinguished from the elite club houses. Initially, as such, they can now be found in the mid-range, rare, but there are examples and economy class.

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Club House - is a society, association of people who exist common views, interests, hobbies, or close the business. Any significant differences from the traditional club-house or on the architecture, nor on the location or the price may not be. Home club type addresses social issues - people are going to spend time together, form a certain comfort range and style of communication.
Various clubs are actively developing in Ukraine. Both logical and cost-effective solution for any existing members of the club will be co-compact residence in a closed malokvartirnom home club type.
For example, traditionally popular youth club houses, based on the concept of an economy. In their final cost per square meter is minimized by the smallest of planning and participation in part of the future owner of a building and finishing works.


Homogeneous social environment, a truly homely atmosphere and comfort - it can only give a club house. Average cost per square meter depending on the location of the site and is usually in the range of $ 700-1200, including the cost of a complete renovation and modern design. Operating expenses of residents are low, so the apartments are bought by people who know how to count money. However, not everyone can buy a property in the club house. Accommodation of this type are traditionally sold on the recommendations and warranties. It is rare to find ads in magazines or newspapers. Location to advertise homes pending. Builders sell flats mainly on its domestic client base. This database, in turn, is usually formed on the basis of lists of members of clubs, organizations, associations, and others carefully check each customer's realtors or developers. And if the applicant or his business is questionable, the man politely refused: peace of mind of residents and social homogeneity - the rules that do not involve exceptions.

Commonplace - filling the applicant a special questionnaire, containing questions about the criminal record, occupation, hobbies, etc. In an interview with the developer of the future tenants will undergo a much more strict "face control" than the visitors closed nightclub. Little chance for fans of aggressive breeds of dogs, loud music parties and fireworks.

Yet the main thing that distinguishes the clubhouse from a simple home - a concept idea. Club house - it's seclusion, secrecy, a community of like-minded people, and hence comfort, order and comfort. High-rise building or Khrushev - it is always a cluster of random people, disorder and anarchy, the inability to influence the situation. Repairs in the high-rises last for years and talk about a peaceful stay is not necessary. Separate private home is not available to all, not everyone happy with total privacy and efforts to care. Club house with a small plot of land owned by the brings advantages of a city apartment and a private residence. This is the optimal solution for the modern rational living.

The demand for club houses, unlike traditional high-rises are not stops falling among buyers. An example of one of the most popular projects in Ukraine - Energy-saving environmentally friendly club houses the company GREEN CLUB. Inexpensive model project - a three-storey house for 3-6 flats. This type of club-oriented housing advocates healthy living and active "green" way of thinking. His concept - flat on the ground. The house is built for 4-5 months, no long-term construction. Houses adjoining plots of 5.3 hectare fenced off by green hedges. Equipped with a barbecue area, private sitting area and a playground. Maximum use natural materials in the finishing. Track from the sandstone in harmony with wooden elements. In the basement room is complimentary sauna and laundry facilities for club members, planned space for vehicles and equipment.

The foundation and supporting walls were built from the most reliable material - reinforced concrete, the outer walls of the thermal blocks with double insulation, interior walls with double-soundproofed. Summed up all the utilities: internet access, satellite television, telephone, independent heating, sewerage, district, and emergency power supply, drinking water purification system, separate water for irrigation and household needs, the system of access and protection. The house has a maximum autonomy, imposed by the lack of "services" ZhEKov, no rent, thus minimizing the operating costs of the tenants.

Since the number of apartments in the club house is limited, residents can make life as easy as possible - for example, to arrange for optional fireplaces in the apartments, central vacuum, without any problems increase or balcony equipped with a winter garden. The general solution of site occupants may be equipped with a swimming pool. All this is easily solved, and without an official red tape, as the land is jointly owned by tenants.

"Club card" cities

Format club houses in the world quite deeply embedded in other spheres of life. With the management company of such houses are working closely retailers, tour operators, insurers, banks, companies of recreation and entertainment. This gives tenants the club houses and owners of "club cards" additional bonuses and discounts, special promotional privileges and access to closed themed activities. For example, plant lovers and green, compact living in the club's Green Buildings, receive free special editions and product samples at home, invitations to exhibitions, notices of sales, conferences and seminars. Producers of goods and services convenient to keep in touch with a localized audience, they save on shipping and postage, are a group of permanent active clients, it is advantageous in this case both sides.

Club houses are more common in cities. First and foremost, on the initiative of the future owners. Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and Crimea for today's leaders in this direction. Also stimulate the process of real estate agents, who are seeking exclusive rights to sell the company-builder. Increased demand flat little squares, especially in resort areas. They are traditionally used for renting. Retailers cities await the appearance of these homes and are willing to provide discounts and additional services to tenants. Advantages of the owners' club cards "rather noticeable and gaining momentum. Spetsdostup to dozens of goods and services, today - not the principal, but a nice bonus for the owner of an apartment in the club house.


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