"Climate" in the German real estate market becomes more favorable

20.09.2010 09:09
According to the company King Sturge, the August index of confidence in the property market in Germany rose by 8,6% and reached its highest level since January 2008 when such statistics began to lead.

The growth index was determined as the increase of investment attractiveness of the country and increase profitability of the German real estate, reports Property Wire. Note that the index of King Sturge is based on an assessment of the real estate market experts and industry professionals.

"Currently, we are seeing in Germany, the most robust economic growth since its unification. Locomotive of this growth is the construction industry - developers reduced activity after a harsh winter, "- says Alex Hettrih, managing partner of King Sturge Deutschland.

At the same time, experts say, should not be underestimated, and economic risks associated with weak credit and financial sector. In addition, the investment attractiveness of Germany, supported by the public market incentive program, which ultimately is reflected in a stable situation on the market.

According to forecasts Hettriha, in II half-year economic growth in Germany may be significantly slower. However, a new wave of recession, analysts do not expect.
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