Christmas rental: How much does a holiday home

27.12.2011 10:46
Articles about real estate | Christmas rental: How much does a holiday home Statistics show ads, the cost of "holiday" rental cottages in three to four times higher than normal and depends on the area, the area of ​​the house, as well as his comfort level, said "LigaBusinessInform."

The minimum cost of renting a New Year's, near Kiev in the online ads totaled UAH 2000., And the maximal rate goes over 10 thousand UAH. a day.

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Lease terms

According to the website free classified ads Slando, now hosts more than 70 thousand proposals for renting cottages, houses in the countryside, villas in Kiev and Kiev region.

Most ads have to Kiev Svyatoshinsky, Brovary, Boryspil, Obukhov and Vyshgorodsky areas.

The minimum cost of renting the house, which was fixed at 2 UAH. per day, and the maximum rates can reach 10.8 thousand UAH. (See Table 1).

Average cost of a New Lease of houses

Kiev Svyatoshinsky

6.8 tys.grn. / day


8.9 tys.grn. / day


6.8 tys.grn. / day


5.3 tys.grn. / day


2.3 tys.grn. / day

As a rule, to celebrate the new year at home shall be two or three days or more, occasionally - on the day. Depending on the number of days spent in the house, so does the price: the higher the maturity, the lower the cost of the day. So, if you rent the house for three days is 7 thousand UAH., Then for a week - for 9 thousand UAH.

One of the conditions of the lease is collateral, which is refunded after the expiry of the tenants staying in the house, but only if the property remains intact. Typically, the amount of collateral agreed on separately.

Homeowners often are ready to decorate them for the arrival of tenants. It is additionally noted in the ad. Most of the proposed houses have saunas, baths, braziers, many - pools.

Owners of cottages often limit the maximum number of guests. Usually at home shall be for the companies from vostmi-ten people or less, but there are suggestions of houses with large rooms which are perfect for corporate holiday.

Kiev Svyatoshinsky district

House in the summer community in the village of Parsley (14 km from Zhitomir highway). On the first floor - utility room, garage, on the second floor - a kitchen-dining room - the third bedroom with a sitting area. In the yard - pond with ornamental goldfish and carp, koi. Beside the birch grove and three lakes. Cost: 7000 USD. for three days, 9,000 UAH. for the week.

Brovary district (village Rozhnov, Zazime)

House with a sauna, pool and billiards in with. Cellars. Area of ​​the house - 180 square meters. meters, the guest house -100 square meters. meters. There is a gazebo with a fireplace, a guest parking lot. In the house: two large lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, shower room, bathroom and a fireplace. There is a telephone, Internet appliances. Guest house: sauna, mini-pool, shower, fireplace, bedroom, Russian billiard room, bathroom. Landscape design, ornamental lake, mature garden. Cost: for two days - 1,700 USD (13 600 hrn.), Three days - 2000 $ (16 000 hrn.).

Boryspil district

"Andrew estate" in Boryspil. This luxury cottage area of ​​450 square meters. meters. In the house - seven bedrooms, fireplace, equipped kitchen, terrace, three bathrooms, winter garden, outdoor pool, gazebo, BBQ, Russian bath, satellite TV, Russian billiards, table tennis, garage for three cars. The cost of home: 3,000 USD for three days (about 8000 UAH / day).

Vyshgorod district (Toompea, Novoselki, Glebovka, Nikolaev, Lyutezh, Hotyanovka)

Two-story brick house in the summer community of "Gardens of the Dnieper." Area - 140 square meters. meters. On the first floor: three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom (shower cubicle). On the second floor: two rooms and a toilet. Gas central heating, boiler, two air conditioners, ten beds. Rent for a company of 10-12 people. From December 31 to January 2. Price - 7000 UAH.

Obukhov district

House in the. Foresters area of ​​350 square meters. meters. Fully equipped with modern furniture. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms, two living rooms, fireplace, billiard room, sauna. 15 hectare site with a landscape design. There is a gazebo with a barbecue, a basketball court and a garage. Cost - UAH 10 000. for two days.

Kiev city limits

Towers on-1 on the street. Apricot is possible to remove a three-storey house of 500 square meters. meters with a sauna and a fireplace. Cost - 15 000 UAH / two days.

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