Choosing home of feng shui

27.11.2010 13:00
Choosing home of feng shui First and foremost pay attention to what's next to your prospective home. Adverse neighborhood: a cemetery, funeral home, hospital, police department, an artificial pond, power lines and supports, trestle on which drive trucks, high towers, steeples, tall buildings, especially if the home is located opposite the narrow opening between them. Favorable Neighborhood: Park, Green Square, or courtyard (only if there are no large dead or old trees), natural pond - Pond Lake. River auspicious only when it takes place before the house, not behind him, and if it does not bend, bulge facing the house. If the house is located inside the arc formed by a bend in the river, which flows in front of him - this location is very favorable, it provides a constant flow of positive home-Chi. But we must bear in mind that the bridge in front of the house means unfavorable Feng Shui.

Mountain, hill or hillock behind the house means good feng shui, but here's the house itself should stand on a flat surface without elevations and depressions.

Bad place for the house - the intersection of several roads, dead-end streets or roads, sharp turns, streets and roads. Adversely, if your house is directed angles of neighboring buildings or other structures with sharp corners.

Be sure to ask what was formerly the place of your proposed home. Was not there an unfavorable areas - for example, cemeteries, waste dumps, which some abandoned ruins. At such places to live absolutely contraindicated. If before there were houses - find out what happened to them: Do they not have collapsed as a result of any accident, did not suffer a casualty.

Learn how people lived in the area, in your chosen home, if you enter not into a new home, or in neighboring houses: Do all of them safely, cheerful if they know if there is a disease that for no a this just hit many, if not persecuted people into trouble, etc. An important figure - enough in the area of children and youth. If the terms of one elderly - something not favorably: the area could be endangered, since young people here do and children are not born.

Be sure to listen to your feelings: whether the overall impression of neglect, unkempt, despondency, not whether you take from here is unclear who took anguish. If the area seems happy and cheerful, if you're in it comfortable, cozy, if you like, as there is breath, if you can honestly tell yourself that you want to live here - hence the choice is made true.
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