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30.09.2010 09:12
White beaches, coconut palms, bays, painted in aqua, orange and pineapple groves, waterfalls, flocks of colorful tropical birds ... Yes, the islands of the ad "Bounty" really exist. Swim away from the cares, get lost in the ocean, to merge with nature - the dream of many of those who are tired of living in urban smog.<br /><strong><br />Choose to live on the island</strong><br />Most often, talking about real estate in the islands, remembers the Hollywood stars and Russian pop singers, who buy villas, apartments and even entire islands somewhere in the Seychelles or the Maldives. However, the real estate on the island can afford not only to Madonna or Johnny Depp. After the Moscow real estate prices the cost of island offers a business class may seem acceptable. In addition, on many islands entered the regime of "tax welfare" (the so-called offshore) or works developed and democratic with respect to a foreign borrower to the mortgage. And sometimes - and then, and more.<br /><br />Island vacation, of course, for those who at any price tends to get rid of noise, dust and furious pace of big cities. If you prefer an active lifestyle and constant adventure, then settle on a distant island of civilization, perhaps, is not the best idea. Even the most populous and wealthy entertainment infrastructure of the island have a certain reticence. They come here not so much fun, how to retire and rest of the crowd.<br /><br />Sometimes it can become a significant net long road to the island - most popular island resorts are often separated from the mainland by the ocean. In addition, there is a possibility that life in a tropical paradise would be too costly, especially if your neighbors houses, bungalows celebrities. In this case, the cost is not only fun, but just for living things to be overstated, based on buyers who do not look at price tags.<br /><br />However, for those who do not want to make a choice between the two banks of a river, there is an interim solution, so to speak, and exotic-light: European Islands. Here the insular comfort is perfectly combined with the ability to lead an active life, and to major European cities within reach. However, the true exotics, such as coconut, drop off into the ocean and colorful parrots Stayki not frightened by these islands can not see ..<br /><strong><br />Why and how to buy</strong><br />Live or vacation? Buy real estate for your family or for commercial gain? Buy "on the mind" to sell the fast-growing market - or to make a lease of premises? All these issues must be addressed before you select an object for sale.<br /><br />Remote tropical islands are perfect to someone who can carve out a busy schedule of work a couple of weeks on vacation and would like to spend it quietly and methodically. All the rest of the property can be leased to profit: usually resort tropical islands are in great demand, and prices for accommodation in local bungalows, cottages, and in particular - in a detached villas are high enough to cover the operating costs of the owner.<br /><br />For the buyer, chose one of the paradisiacal islands, whether the coast of the European countries or lost in the ocean of coral atolls, one of the main issues will be on the mode of purchase. Should I indulge in all serious, come to the island and try to buy their own property? Or, perhaps, easier and more profitable to go directly to the Russian branch of one of the companies involved in construction and sale of real estate on the islands?<br /><br />When it comes to the budget proposals, we must admit: they're easier to find yourself. Intermediary companies usually offer fairly expensive, though, and quality housing. But after a verbal agreement reached with the seller, the buyer will likely still have to ask is help from local realtors: in some countries, their participation in the transactions of buying and selling real estate need. The broker will process your purchase in your property, as well as help to open a bank account and, if necessary, arrange a mortgage on the most favorable terms.<br /><br /><strong>Canary Islands. Robinson Crusoe with a view of Spain</strong><br />If you make a choice between natural beauty and rich cultural and leisure activities is difficult and expensive flights over the ocean darkens bright dreams, the ... Paradise can be found somewhere closer. Famous Canary Islands are part of Spain, and islands in the Mediterranean Sea is not less beautiful and fit for a beach holiday, rather than tropical. Nature is rich and varied, and to major cities within reach.<br /><br />Perhaps one of the most popular among our countrymen Resorts - Canary Islands, which became a sort of geographical abroad between Europe and Africa. Air temperature all year round is between markers 20 and 25, the water near the coast is always heated warm sunshine, happy nature with bright colors.<br /><br />Attracts attention and a variety of proposals on the local market - here you can find villas for several million euros, and houses for 80 thousand euros. Price will depend on the prestigious location, close to the coast and a general comfort level of housing. According to experts, the Canary Islands, as elsewhere in Spain, prices have declined in response to the crisis, and now square meter on average costs 1600-1800 euros. So now for each individual property can and should haggle.<br /><br />A document confirming the ownership of the Spanish property gives the right to receive an annual Schengen multivisa, through which you can stay in Spain, 180 days a year. To formalize it to all family members, enough to make their names in the deed. There are no restrictions when buying property for foreigners there.<br /><br />Home insurance in Spain is mandatory. Insurance depends on the value of the home (apartment) and the availability of security appliances. Any property must be registered in Registro de Propiedad (Property Registry). You can also get detailed information about who owns the property, as well as all its parameters: price, size, debt holder, etc. The annual tax on property in Spain is charged once a year and makes 0,2% of the registration value of the object.<br /><br />/ / Mortgages and Credit <br />
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