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09.03.2011 07:02
Articles about real estate | Choose: a house or land Reasonableness of buying a home in the cottage reasons for doubting the increasing number of clients. Purchase of land outside the Pale "organized settlements" on the market today, takes a lot of risks.

"The 10-year wait for the village will be sold, it is better to buy a plot IZHS and very structured," - commented on the article about the sales results in a cottage village in 2010, a visitor, "Dmitri". I allowed myself a small literary adaptations of his post, but the meaning is as follows. And this opinion generally reflects the trends of today's suburban market.

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To purchase a house in the so-called organized building becomes less interesting. About it all the more insistent they say real estate agents and employees (of course, not those who try to sell you a house in the cottage). But lately this view began to cautiously agree and suburban developers themselves. "In 2010, seriously increased sales of homes in the spontaneous development: more and more customers do not see any real benefits from the acquisition of a plot organized by the cottage. Even near St. Petersburg last year there were many "settlements", which, in fact, offer an empty field without any improvements. They did not correspond to the concept of cottage townships, as a result people are disappointed in this format of country living "- says Svetlana Neveleva observations, Advisor to the Head of GC" Stinky. "

But most importantly, the customer area in the elemental building does not pay for promises: the condition of roads, availability of utilities, neighborhood environment, and so he can evaluate on the spot, knowing that after the contract execution nobody and nothing beyond that he did not do it. The builder is often trades "Perspective" - as in today's market to pay for future improvements is very risky.

Projects without haste

Statistics of actual sales (see "low-rise tithe") shows that the current market to developers for a year on average, can sell 10% of lots in his village (there are more examples of successful sales, but a lot of projects where the pace of implementation is much lower). And visible improvements in the situation with the demand has not yet observed.

So, the projects that did not have time to "pre-crisis demand has every chance to stand in the proposal for decades, if not more. During this time, for example, may cease to exist company-builder (recall the Petersburg town market was not yet nine years old), which is especially important in periods of low demand. Here are a few options. For example, the company PBL Holding before you leave the market yet brought to fruition a project Mikhailovskoye (although the forums are found on the network to the serious concerns of the village) and gave the right to sell the remaining lots to another firm ( Some objects are so far failed to implement).

But there are other examples. Last scandal connected with "Pavlovsky Posad" project "Pavlovsky, low-rise ensemble" (more liquidation of the company are described in many urban media), but in this case, the prospects for customers under a big question. The situation with this project reminds conflict sharers with urban developers. Incidentally, in Moscow these cases even more.

Just a few examples: suspended project Lake `s Berry Club - a few lots are sold, and for very good money. Out in the sale of the New Schlisselburg "- to pause the developer boasted that sold 10% of sites, but now claims that it was only a" reservation ", but actual sales in the project was not.

Fizzled out halfway through the village of "Crystal" (frozen indefinitely). In "Ohtinskom key" to suspend the project had sold a third townhouse. For quite a long time suspended activity company Phaeton Development Group (Projects "Near the pier and Vaya). Now these projects, according to the developer, to reopen again.

Examples can lead even further. In total, according to the Consulting Center Petersburg Real Estate Over the past three years, was suspended 73 low-rise complex.

Incidentally, in January on online forums there is information that will be closing and the company Rodeks Northwest. In the very company that reportedly surprised a lot. As explained by Marina Karpihina, director of marketing for the company Rodeks North-West ", this" campaign "- apparently the handiwork of one of the contractors' firm, with whom there was disagreement.
They do not leave ...

With each passing year, the crisis situation in this respect only getting worse. Offer all the swells of new projects for the 2009-2010 year a list of low-rise complexes increased by more than half: from 150 to 250 positions. Whereas, according to market logic, would have uzhatsya three to five times. In the latter case, the remaining suburban complexes could be sold at normal speed, and it would allow developers to fully implement its commitments to customers.

However, appearing on the market for developers, even in the absence of activity does not curtail demand. Often, the vendor that implements cut into slices collective farm field work remains only one person - the director, which also carries customers to view. The high costs of such a "business" does not require, and can exist for quite some time, selling for two or three segments during the year. However, construction works on site, with such financial flows to wait, of course, is not necessary.

Among market participants all the more insistent voices in a way that "separate flies from cutlets": what suggestions can be called a full-fledged cottage communities, and what should be called, for example, land cutting.

Before the crisis, in the opinion of experts, the house is sold to cottage communities is getting worse and worse. Home in an organized building cost 20-25% more expensive than a similar structure is low-rise complexes. However, over the past two years, the idea of cottage settlements was seriously discredited. Return to its former ratio of buyers - the problem is very complicated, which developers have to spend more than a year.

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