Chief Communist Ukraine Dr. Valentyn settled in a luxurious mansion

27.04.2011 00:02
Chairman of the Communist Party of Ukraine Petro Symonenko settled in a luxurious mansion in a luxury cottage area near the village of Gorenka near Kiev.

Only the land under this building is worth more than 1,5 million dollars. The area of ??the estate Simonenko about half a hectare of land. Journalists have learned about forest walks, benches, fleet of cars.

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In the cottage area, according to journalists, even fences - with gold emblems. Everywhere - fences and barriers.

Some of the neighbors complained to the head Simonenko KPU.

"My wife (Simonenko - Ed.) Walking in the woods with a sidecar, and he walked there, the barrier is. Nobody was allowed back on," - said Elena Ivanovna, a local resident.

However, neighbors say that on May 9 Simonenko collects veterans. They are fed a soldier's porridge, pour "front" one hundred grams.

The Verkhovna Rada is something offered his explanation for the consistency of the Communist Party leadership. According to People's Deputy Oleg Lyashko (former member of the BYT faction, now too, when individual), the Communists successfully cooperating with the authorities.

"This cooperation they receive the post and as a consequence of the opportunity to earn money. In a separate vote on there account on the spot" on the spot, "from the party funds ... I think it's tens of millions of dollars, not less," - Lyashko said.

With the consent of the Chairman Lyashko Ukrainian People's Party Yuriy Kostenko.

"Today they say they protect workers' interests. It is a strange defense, when in fact the Communist faction serves the interests of big capital", - said Kostenko.

It should be noted in the charter of the Communist Party of Ukraine states that the political force opposed to the restoration of the capitalist system.

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