Chicherin built for himself «Live House»

08.09.2010 13:02
Articles about real estate | Chicherin built for himself «Live House» The company Deceuninck and singer Julia Chicherina held a joint event on the completion of the singer's country home. The final step was the installation of a new entrance door, developed by Deceuninck.

Start of the event was the tour of the site and house singer. Julia gladly answered questions and talked about his farm.

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After the tour, an informal press conference at the outdoors. Event guests comfortably settled under the bright summer tents next to the house alive. "

In an informal conversation with reporters Julie Chicherina and Technical Director Deceuninck Valery Kozionov spoke about "Living Home", from idea to implement his plans for the materials used, construction and home improvement of triangular windows and entrance door in the triangular opening, saving technologies and future plans and answered questions from journalists.

"Our house was very light - a third of the area occupied by the walls of the window. But the old iron door, do not let the sunshine do not like. Company Deceuninck" offered me an interesting solution to this door, and now the house looks like what I wanted - Solar and creativity, "- said Julia Chicherin.

"The house is made on the basis of design" Lego "- is more heat-saving units that we are rapidly collected. Triangular window to full height of walls made from sections of concern" Deceuninck "- is the most extensive profiles that we found, and accordingly, the best kept heat. In the end, the house was very warm: This winter we came here a few times in the most cold, long a heated his fireplace - the heat was kept after a few days, "- she added.

After the press conference, Julia Chicherina gave the audience of CDs with her new songs and arranged autograph session. And then the journalists for a surprise: the singer performed three songs, including all the famous song "Tu-lu-la."

The final stage of the event was the banquet. While the event guests were treated with an appetite for delicious, Julia told many fascinating stories of life, especially about their pets. New hobby singer was growing roses and other flowers at the site about "Living at home." In addition, at the request of journalists Yulia sang 2 more songs for an encore.

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