Chernovetsky: «land» evils of Kiev - due to rent

10.02.2011 12:56
Articles about real estate | Chernovetsky: «land» evils of Kiev - due to rent Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy claims that all issues relating to land in Kiev resolved in accordance with the law.

As UNIAN correspondent, this L. Chernovetskiy said in an interview with Channel 5.

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"Gromada Kiev is not affected. All decisions that were related to land, taken strictly in accordance with applicable law "- said the mayor of Kiev, and added:" There is only one piece ... In comparison with the countries where I was, for example, Georgia ... It is not permitted institute of land lease . Here's the rub, only in this. "

L. Chernovetskiy also expressed confidence that the institution of the land lease should be eliminated as it is "hidden to circumvent the budget or the city, or a total budget of the country." "Those who say that it was stolen, specifically on the ground - we are talking about the institution of the lease, which legally exist in Ukraine", - he said.

L. Chernovetskiy said that he first heard that the court found the case on the legality of the selection of about 1300 plots in Kiev, sold or transferred to the city council.

Leases of land should be abolished as an institution, but politicians are not interested ", - said the Mayor.

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