Chernovetsky decided to sell the land for «Pavlovka?

22.10.2008 00:00
Block Vitali Klitschko vows to Kiev authorities to put up for privatization of health care facilities in the city center. UNIAN was informed about the press service of the Bloc Klitschko. "The first under the hot hand were Mayor of Kiev City" Health Center "on the street, Vladimir, 29, Center for Health Statistics on the alley of St. George, 9, and sanatorium" Salute "by Gogol Street, 26" - said in a statement.

"Doctors of Kiev beat the alarm - the mayor of underfunding industry robs them of the opportunity to work normally, and privatizing the premises of medical institutions - reducing network of medical institutions, although this decline is illegal - say in the block.

"The Mayor forgets that the people of Kiev - is not just voters. That thousands of people who work in hospitals, clinics and dispensaries and hundreds of thousands of people who need their help, "- said the deputy leader of the Bloc of Vitali Klitschko in Kyiv City Council Natalia Novak.

According to her, "in the medical community is already rumored that the government also has eyes for the capital neuropsychiatric hospital number 1, better known as" Pavlovka. Patients who need skilled care, under the pretext of "humane treatment" massively discharged. Doctors admit that Chernovetsky decided "to give the contract price in good hands" several tens of hectares of land under "Pavlovka.

Novak also stressed that "doctors no longer receive a 50 percent increase, which ended with the election campaign." According to her, despite the fivefold increase in the capital budgeting in hospitals for the debts of turning off water and electricity. Metropolitan hospitals are under-funded and payable on almost all counts: repairs, utility bills, medical supplies, materials, and foodstuffs. Leader in the race has become scarce hospital emergency room - under-funding by object "material" and "medicine" has exceeded one million hryvnia.

Block Vitali Klitschko requires authorities to "stop the mockery of the medical institutions and to resume funding for the industry. A separate decision, the city council should eliminate territorial medical association. "

"When the hospitals cared for not only the chief doctors, but heads of districts, and funds were allocated for repairs, and equipment, and nutrition. And now, such assistance is not possible, all issues - to the TMO. We demand the return areas to take care of hospitals in order to save capital's healthcare industry, "- said Novak.
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