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Articles about real estate | 0 PJSC "State Savings Bank of Ukraine" until May 13, will develop a list of documents required for participation in the program "Affordable Housing", in which the public will be given loans to buy housing at 3% annually in local currency for a period of 10-15 years, said Anatoly Bliznyuk, Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing.

"" Oschadbank "today examines the decision of the Cabinet, assembles documents and May 11-12, their list will be ready. After May 15, this scheme will actually work, "- said A.Bliznyuk.

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According to the minister, after a May 9 at the Ministry of Regional Development website will contain information on the first 100-200 dwellings, which will take part in the program.

The Minister said that to date, while only "Oschadbank" expressed a desire to participate in this program.

A.Bliznyuk also said that the original program "Affordable housing" is focused on the population in need of better housing conditions, that is, under current legislation, the waiting list.

"Today, 1.136 million people standing in line, even if 10% of them will be young people who will pay the 3%, then it is 113.6 thousand people. Provided for the implementation of this program this year, UAH 1 billion will be enough to provide 30 thousand families. Therefore neocheredniki may also participate in this program. We will work with them "- said the Minister.

At the same time A.Bliznyuk added that provides for the purchase of housing in every region of Ukraine, not only at his residence.

"Man will enter into a contract with the bank, the bank - with the developer. That is, the scheme is as follows: a man - the bank - the developer that no officials were not in the process. All others in this process, in particular the Regional Development Ministry and the regional administration, act solely in the role of assistants, connecting people with the bank and the builder, "- said the Minister.

In this case, concluding an agreement with the developer of the bank itself will control the timing of completion of construction.

A.Bliznyuk also said that the Ministry established an interdepartmental committee, which will accept proposals from the regions, developers, working with banks.

"May 17, I will hold a meeting with the participation of developers and bankers. And we'll have a clear understanding of how to implement this program, "- said the Minister.

According A.Bliznyuka in support of this program has supported the governors of Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia and Sumy regions.

"I have already spoken with the governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region, it is ready to assist in the implementation of a pilot project in the region. The same governors voiced the readiness of Vinnytsia and Sumy region ", - he said. A.Bliznyuk also added that if the success of this program, it will be implemented in 2013

As reported, the Ukrainian Government Decree № 343 of April 25, 2012 approved the order and amount of mortgage need to improve their living conditions by 3% per annum in unfinished. The average monthly income of the borrower and his family should not exceed five times the average monthly salary in a particular region. The borrower also must provide annually to the Internal Revenue Service income tax return, their family members.

The maximum loan amount for which may be granted partial compensation to the borrower in case of compulsory contribution not exceeding 25%, according to the document will be a derivative index of normative housing area (NPW) to its estimated value (rszh).

Thus, the NPW for a single citizen, or a family of two people is 40 square meters. meters of total area for a family of three or more people - 58 square meters. m

Rszh size, given the seat of the borrower's housing register is established, in particular, for Kiev - 7 thousand UAH for 1 sq. m. m, for the cities of Kiev region and other centers of Ukraine and Simferopol and Sevastopol - 5 UAH for 1 sq. m. m, and for other localities of the country - four thousand UAH for 1 sq. m. m In this case, to the settlements located within a radius of 15 kilometers from the regional centers, as well as Kiev, Sevastopol and Simferopol, rszh can be increased by 10%.

However, the excess of allowable rszh and NPW is set by the Government at no more than 25%. Anything above - partial compensation is not subject to the borrower pays the difference, and at his own expense and in accordance with the contract of sale of real estate. Approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the planned volumes on housing waiting lists are 30 thousand apartments.

Earlier, the Regional Development Ministry has created on its website a special forum through which expects to collect information from developers who want to participate in the social initiatives of President Victor Yanukovich to provide the public a "cheap" mortgages. The ministry has announced on its website a form providing information, the developer, under which the company shall state the name, address, facilities to participate in the program area of ​​land for construction, the characteristics of the object, the number of flats with these areas, the total number and size of apartments, the cost of 1 sq. m. meters of housing, the average number of contracts of sale of flats in a month in this facility, as well as offer opportunities and ways to reduce the costs.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, in March 2012 stated that in Ukraine from May this year, people will be able to take credit for the state program for the purchase of housing by 2-3% annually in local currency for a period of 10-15 years.

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