Cheap Mortgages in Ukraine: Who will give the percentage, the monthly payment

01.05.2012 17:00
Articles about real estate | Cheap Mortgages in Ukraine: Who will give the percentage, the monthly payment The government is ready in May, to launch a presidential sotsinitsiativy "Cheap Mortgages", said Minister of Housing and regionstroya Anatoly Bliznyuk. According to him, to issue cheap loans for home purchase (part of the interest on them will pay the state) will be in the second half of May (conditions, see the chart). This year, in the treasury enough money to help about 30 thousands of interested persons (apartment all - 1.2 million households), to which allocated 1 billion USD. As clarified in the press service of the Ministry, the Cabinet adopted a proposal for a basis, but subject to change.

"NO SUCH APARTMENT." Experts "Today" say many of the proposed change is Minregionstroem. "Now the mortgage loans 20-22% cheaper than not, because free money on the interbank market yield at 18% - said financial analyst Igor Shevchenko. - It is not clear where to get the 3% per annum for the borrower. Even at 8-10% with a mortgage will tear off your hands. "

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Builders say that the price offered by the Cabinet, they have no housing (5000-7000 USD per sq. m.), And no such a small area of ​​apartments in unfinished (which the authorities want to bring to mind under this program): 1-bedroom - minimum of 50 square meters. m, 2-bedroom - 80. "In Kiev, business-class accommodations (plus a monolithic concrete brick) is 12-13 thousand USD per square meter. m, midrange (on the outskirts of concrete) - 9,5-9,6 thousand "- told us the company's capital specialist" Miskzhitlobud "Galina Bogdanenko.

"NEW Khruschevkas." According to an independent expert of the housing market Zoya Fedorova, to build apartments for the price of the Cabinet is real, but it will be "New Khrushchev," with local authorities to help with the laying of communications (water, sewer, electricity) and free ROW.

In addition, many experts believe the real estate market, the price per square meter much too high, and high interest rates on loans - only the desire of banks to be safe. And most importantly, according to ICPS analyst Alexander Acorn, the right to such housing should be restricted to those who stand in the queue: "Otherwise people will register with money in his apartment of relatives, will be eligible for improvements zhiluslovy, and then for money to buy a cheap flat for the year two pay its price and sell. "
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