Cheap Cottage - a refuge for Muscovites

03.09.2010 00:02
Specialists suburban real estate market came to a conclusion: the summer capital residents rented mostly inexpensive home or even running down to the camp site. Of course, the heat waves in July and was able in August could not but affect the demand of real estate near Moscow. Wanting to rent a house for a short time has become many times more. But here those who are trying to find shelter for the remainder of the summer, had to face difficulties. As a general rule, landlords are in no hurry to surrender their property for 1-2 months, and if they did, it was only overstating the prices.

For example, one of the leaders of rent suburban real estate company "Inkom-real estate," said Olga Bashtanova, that "today, rent the house mid-market may cost the lessee $ 7-10 thousand per month. If the landlord and agreed to hand over the house for a short time, it could drive up the price another 10-15%. " As a result, many people simply chose to leave for camp sites or rent a room in a rest home.

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As for expensive facilities, they are not popular. Muscovites have sought refuge in the homes of the relatively inexpensive price range. Demand for them has increased on average by 28% compared to June, which in itself was rare. And most people were interested in cottages, located at a distance of 30-49 km from Moscow (34,2%), cites data

Estimated real-estate companies, this summer the minimum price for rental homes in the suburbs was 10.6 thousand rubles per month. However, now rented a house for that price is not easy. Thus, the agency's website the country real estate "Moscow Nights" offer with the delivery of homes for rent starting only with the amount of 20 thousand rubles., While the plot size is 3-15 hectare. In the Inkom-real estate "at the moment there are no similar proposals, there are cheaper rent a country house 30 thousand rubles. unlikely to succeed. A company's website «AMANT» offers rental homes are found only in the price range from $ 1 thousand to $ 5 thousand As for expensive homes, the amount of rent they can reach several million rubles., Sure realtors.
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