Cheap accommodation near Kiev will buy for resale

10.06.2010 17:11
Low-rise low-cost housing, which Minregionstroy plans to build near Kiev, speculators buy them for later resale on the secondary market at a price in half to two times more expensive. It was said by Deputy Director of Real Estate Agency Practice Natalia Safina, writes reporter.<br /><br />According to her, a project to build low-rise low-income housing is already implemented in Sebastopol. "The city authorities have allocated to developers of land in the area Streletskaya Bay, where for six months increased brand-new five-story building with apartments priced at $ 650 per square meter. In Sevastopol, which is the cost of housing is the second largest in Ukraine after Kiev, they sold out like hot cakes, and already put on the secondary market at a price in half to two times higher "- she said.<br /><br />Safina said that Sevastopol was rather unenthusiastic reaction to a real affordable housing (the price of a one-room apartment - $ 18 thousand). "Basically it bought speculators for resale Kievans and Russians as the second, holiday flats," - she says.<br /><br />"The fact that the developers, which have limited the number of storeys, managed to squeeze a few acres of 38 five-storey houses mostly with tiny one-bedroom apartments, and the distance between the houses, there is only so that could drive a fire engine, as required by law," - said Safin.<br /><br />According to the expert, to spend two weeks in the summer in an apartment you can, but to live permanently - uncomfortable. "Very surprised if in the Kiev project developers also did not vyzhmut maximum profit from free land to the detriment of the quality of life in their low-cost housing," - she says.<br />Correspondent <br />
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