Cheap Accommodation - bluff Government

19.01.2011 10:39
Articles about real estate | Cheap Accommodation - bluff Government Statement by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Sergey Tigipko to reduce the cost of new housing in the third, thanks to the Law "On urban planning" groundless.

Since the return of the liquidated corruption component comes speculative component, due to what the price will remain the same. And it can only regulate the market by supply and demand. This opinion was expressed in the comments for UBR.UA president of Union Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Alexander Rubanov.

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"If we talk about cost, it will certainly be lower with respect to market value, then the law can not influence it. Because market value is determined by supply and demand. The higher the demand, the higher sentence, that is expensive", - says A. Rubanov.

According to him, the law will not solve the issue price of finished housing downward, since instead of corruption component, there is a new speculative. And low-cost housing will be redeemed, then to be sold more expensive.

"If people are willing to take the price in 1000 dollars. Dollars per square meters. And buy, what is the meaning of the seller (developer) to sell, for example, $ 500. U.S.. That means that regardless of the cost it will still sell at market value In contrast to the situation of social housing. There's certainly the law would help, and a definite positive is the place to be. The market itself regulates the price "- summed A. Rubanov.

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