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If you arrange the task creators of the property according to the priority, surely the name of the development of an apartment house or business center will be far in the first place. At the same time can not be dispensed without a name: it is required for practical reasons during the implementation of the project to the builder could advertise it, and buyers - to identify.

The catch is that the need to invent an object name, as a rule, be surprised the people who are used to build and not to indulge in philology delights. Portal figured out how developers and builders cope with this task, what methods of naming used and how to evaluate success / failures of colleagues in this area.

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Historical roots
The tradition of giving the names of real estate refers to the distant past - the first name assigned to churches and temples. In pre-revolutionary Russia was common practice to call the house the names of their wealthy owners and architects: "Pashkov House", "House Bakhrushin, estate Galitzine, Trubetskoy, store Eliseevskiy" etc.

"Also, the name defines the function at home, for example," Tea House "or the location -" The Big House in the Lubyanka "- provides examples of Director of Marketing and PR NDV-estate "Irina Naumova. Among the place names immediately come to mind "Arkhangelsk", "Kolomna", "Polenovo, Kuskovo and the like.

The same principles used in developing today's Name: Creator is based on the location, the historic significance of the area, or the distinctive features of the object, such as architectural. In this case, the title should give rise to associations that are popular with consumers.

So, according to commercial director GK "Pioneer"-Moscow Dmitry Otyakovskogo, "the name of houses should be" warm "," home ", causing potential buyers a sense of comfort, in contrast to the trade or business centers, whose names must be loud and pathos in an amicable way. " Although, when the name is tied to a particular place, much of a difference in the sound of the name of the object of a commercial or residential purpose may not be, for example, neighborhood "Marfino or TC" Pike ", - says Director of Public Relations City of XXI century Anna Shvidunova.

Marketing - to the masses
In words, it's simple: find some distinctive features, reflected in their title and - forward! In fact - much more complicated: not only come up with good word or phrase, you should also check to see whether it has previously been used in development and in other areas, not whether it is an unnecessary second meaning, good or sounds in translation or transcription, etc. ... etc. In other words, naming requires a serious approach.

The most common practice of the domestic real estate market - the development of names of objects by their own marketing department / advertising. For example, there is a "Relight-Invest. The main options offers a marketing service, after which a brand manager verifies c semantic and lexical point of view.

"In the end, we choose approximately the top 5 names that everyone liked, after conducting a survey among all employees. The file that you submit, indicate the class project, its competitive advantages, target audience, the rationale for the title.

Employees vote for the proposed options, argue his choice, wish to offer their own variants. As a result, we choose the name of the winner. Before the final name elected leader, but marketers have convinced him that the main thing - to test the name of the target audience "- explains Marketing Director UK" Relight Invest Irina Kirsanov.

According to this scheme in the name of the company have developed LCD «VERSIS». "It is an object segment premium. Logo Vs leads to association with Versace and is designed to display the exclusivity, individuality, according to the company. Another example - the regional project "The Bay of joy" in Volgograd. Name points to the location in the vicinity of the Volga, and the word "joy" provides the necessary emotional sound.

In some cases, the main generators of ideas are the owners. And in some companies it is - the norm. "In the Mirax Group in due course" Storm "all senior managers to come up with really high-quality name that everyone will understand and feel. After the selected options for the analysis of the names of the winners. Often these titles are tested on clients ", - says Director of Marketing and Public Relations, MR Group Eugene Starkov (formerly worked in the Mirax Group).

Another method - involving the development of names of as many employees. So often receive in the CC "Pioneer". Employees are introduced to the basic characteristics of the object and offer to give an appropriate name.

"As a result, we get to a hundred titles, of which some of the most successful commercial shown in the Directorate and sent for approval. The final choice of making the company's management ", - says Dmitry Otyakovsky. Thus was born the name of the LCD "Lazarevskoye. It attaches to your address (street Admiral Lazarev), in connection with which the entire associative chain: the Sochi region is "Lazarevskoye, and in that time the city just chose the venue for the 2014 Olympics. LCD named by analogy, that has brought a certain flavor.

In "City of XXI Century" also attract employees, and naming the object has the form of intra-corporate competition with all the attendant paraphernalia: the evaluation commission, summing up the results and award winners. As a result of such contests are born very original, unexpected and unusual variations of names, says Anna Shvidunova. Similarly, there were the names of apartment complexes "Albatross" and "Sunflowers."

For example, in the name "Albatross" reflected the complex visual features (shape, color), an association with family values (albatross - a symbol of strong and faithful family) and at the same time - "sea" theme, the proximity to the "big water" (liquid crystal located near the Stroginskaya floodplain.

On the same path in the company plan to go against objects, the output of which is planned in 2011 (residential complexes in Lyubertsy and Krasnogorsk, multifunctional commercial center on Prospect Mira). "This is a great team building tool for internal PR, which allows employees to feel ownership of the object, - supports this format Eugene Starkov.

Head of Marketing Management Company Domostroitel Olga Guseva said that the right to choose the name for a residential complex, you can provide, and potential buyers - it increases their loyalty to the object.

"That's what we did in Orekhovo-Zuev. Residents of the city in the course of our survey can choose to set a bright and sonorous name "Breeze", which reflects its airy architecture and proximity to the river Klyazma "- said Gusev.

Even if you do not attract potential buyers to create, then at least test it out "in public" - very reasonable. "As a general rule, the client is difficult to determine with what the same name to choose, so in most cases we do focus groups, the results of which puts everything in its place. This allows us to avoid "vkusovschiny", which will certainly present in the moment of development of the name, "- said General Director of Promotion Realty Vitaly city.

Currently, the CC "Pioneer" develop once the name for two apartment complexes. From December to start selling in the residential complex near the Volga station (District Tekstilshiki). The company re-house developed several options, which decided to test for a wider audience. To this end, placed at the appropriate polling multiple portals (you can also take part in online voting at When choosing a name for the project in the Northern Tushino company may resort to the same method.

Borrow linguist
Most often, developers face the challenge of naming their own, although the market can find a lot of helpers: copywriters, freelancers, advertising, PR-and even specialized neymingovye agency. Eugene Starkov calls are 3 main reasons for the refusal of naming services in outsourcing: saving the budget, lack of experience with agencies and, as a consequence, misunderstandings need a professional approach in this matter, the presence in his own team of creative employees who can produce interesting and original ideas.

Several years ago, MR Group was very successful experience of cooperation with advertising agency Ogilvy, which developed the name for the business complex «Filicity». "Amazingly simple and impressive solution, reminiscent of both the City (the business part) and Fili (location), and something light and Italian-style filichita" - commented Starkov. - But the work with the agency - it expensive, difficult and not a quick. If the company is not ready for the additional costs, it is best to bring to the creative activity of employees, brokers and partners. "

In "Relight Invest attracted Agency for Naming of complex building in Nakhabino (plots without a contract for the Volokolamsk highway). But in the end won the title "Palette", proposed his own marketing company.

Such experiences also have "City-XXI Century". The company has cooperated with neymingovymi agencies, and philologists, linguists, and the result in all cases was the same: take root and claimed the title, born within the company through a collective brainstorming or creative individuals. "Eventually we came to the conclusion that no one is better ourselves not think of a name object. However, the work of agencies in any case was not useless - says Anna Shvidunova.

- Some of the proposed names have been really interesting, and in some cases, it gave the derivation stage for further reflection and creation of new variations - then their company has used in other projects. " As an advice for those planning to resort to professional agencies, expert advice and the most scrupulously meticulous approach to development jobs to naming, to describe in detail the problem and the desired result, up to intuitive, emotional feelings.

"We must understand that advertising agencies are mostly interested in the budget, they tend to operate in the market of consumer goods and do not know the specifics of the property market. Their only advantage - it "nezamylennost" look. Therefore, firstly, do not spend a huge amount (not more than $ 3000, and there must be a member and visualization), and, secondly, we must very clearly set the task "- recommends that the Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales," Pragma " Roman Kuryshev (promotes a number of residential and suburban real estate market in Moscow).

From "Shuvalov ...
Usually the names of the LCD, unlike the names of shopping centers or business centers, "live" for long, because they have a specific need - for practical purposes it suffices to address. "Once the object is sold, the name of the house loses its value. Further life name LC is important for its creators in two cases: if the object is "illustrative" for a company or planned development subsequent bursts. But the name of the commercial real estate working throughout their lives ", - said Vitaly city.

But it happens that the name of the residential facility still survives and is actively used by the tenants. "Firstly, it is convenient, and secondly, prestige, and thirdly, is the brand and the brand is worth more than" NO name », because it promises and gives the buyer more. If the name did not stick, what could be many reasons: did not coincide with the image, not harmonious, banal. Banal names are meaningless, since it does not perform the basic function - do not call, slips past the heart and mind the buyer "- says the art director of design studios LetterHead Olga Vasilkov.

"Often," the name of "house can not replace a very sweet, or hard-to-address", - said Dmitry Otyakovsky. "For example, our residential complex Pokrovskoye-Glebovo" - if it appears under this name, everyone understands what this object, and if you tell them the address, st. Coast, it is not immediately clear what kind of house we have in mind - explains Director of Marketing Group of Companies KONTI Yuri Sinyaev. - The complex takes its name from an ancient temple Pokrovskoe ", and" Glebovo "- a name last owners of the estate Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo (Glebova-Streshnevo), in which it is erected."

Among the most successful "settled down" the names of the overwhelming majority of interlocutors called LC "Scarlet sails". In second place was the LCD "Shuvalov. "It is unique in that name for the area (street Shuvalov) appeared after the withdrawal of the brand on the market, that is, the area was tied to the brand. Moreover, this title lives and now, so, in the quarter there was a restaurant, "Shuvalov. When naming the object you need to consider how you can beat him in the public area "- Roma Council Kuryshev.

"Just do not take root name with an address such as" House Taganka "," House in the lane "as they are completely featureless, no way, do not cause any emotional attachment of the future residents. As practice shows, bad take root name with sophisticated foreign words. People are tired of "House", "Tower" and "Palace", especially if the content and status of the house does not match the pathos of the title, "- says Eugene Starkov. But there are exceptions. Thus, among the most successful names of the experts called "Triumph Palace" and "Agalarov House. "While the" house "in the title does not add beauty and originality, the name with the name of the developer was innovative in its time" - explains Starkov.

The word "home" in its name is also sometimes "fires". So, Roman Kuryshev believes aptly named "The House on Mosfilm" and the slogan "The full-house at Mofilmovskoy": "all this is stable association with the movies, and movies we watch at home on the couch in an atmosphere of comfort and peace."

Experts noted as a successful name "Golden Keys", "Grand Park" and residential building "Chocolate". Prior to working with the NDV-Real Estate project is called: Altufevskoe Shosse 85. "The building even looks like a chocolate bar, and the word itself is a rich associative array, a well-remembered, it can be successfully beat", - says Irina Naumova. Indeed, one can assume that every person in the question of where he lives, will be pleased to answer "a" chocolate ".

Among the names of commercial buildings on several occasions was awarded the project the Federation Tower. "Name the federal level, the Russian word that has a convenient English-language version - justifies his opinion Eugene Starkov. - Capital City - another example of a successful and well-translated titles: great play on words with the Capital City. Name of scale and implying a grand object ".

... To the Oxygen-a
As soon as talk about good decisions, can not be avoided and mistakes. "Frankly flops and failures titles in Moscow or St. Petersburg, I do not know, but some sound a little weird, such as LCD Iskra joy" LCD Oxygen, the names of the twin complexes of "The Sun" and "Four of the sun", "Mos Angeles , - says Dmitry Otyakovsky.

Oxygen - a leader in mentioning this "nomination". Error is that even people who know English, in his own country are accustomed to read the names of the Cyrillic alphabet - the result is a discordant word. Roman Kuryshev generally believes that the naming of real estate should not use other languages as well as words, "that blur the brand - a park, plaza, etc." Furthermore, he recommends no need to change the name if it was originally a neutral . For example, in his opinion, "the new developer, outbid LCD" Vertical ", did not need to change the name to" Velhaus "- it increases the risks to the psychological level."

"Most unlucky complex structures, too pretentious or completely alien to the Russian language - agrees Olga Vasilkov. - For example, a strange polunemetskoe-poluangliyskoe name "Baden Hills", "Vita Verde", "Millennium Park" - excessive pathos name suggests a lack of taste in everything else. In addition, the advertisement "Millennium Park" says: "Venice, only better!" I just seem Pavilion at Mosfilm, where everything from foam or cardboard - maybe even beautiful, but just can not live. "

Several experts "paid tribute to" LCD "Tomato" (second place after Oxygen). "It is unfortunate, but very catchy title: many remember his jokes at his expense, though not everyone knows what the object is and where he is," - says Eugene Starkov. "There is nothing on the tomato ..." - Olga wonders Vasilkov. Irina Kirsanov calls LC "Pyramid", which suggests an association with the place of burial.

Here is a list of names of unsuccessful housing estates of Anne Shvidunovoy:
* Belovezhskaya Pushcha "- not the most upbeat and enjoyable title in terms of political association;
* "The President" - too grandiose name for a sleeping area (Medvedkovo);
* "TvinPiks" - an association with the same mystical thriller, not very bright for the club-house business class (located in St. Petersburg);
* "Napoleon's Dream" (Odintsovo MO) - not the most patriotically correct name;
* "Field of Dreams" (Balashikha) - on the one hand, the author would seem to show a fairy tale world of childhood, where everything is magical, carefree, nice and safe, has everything you desire - in excess and abundance. But on the other hand, a direct association with the illusion, unreality, deception and of the same name "field of miracles" in the famous tale of Pinocchio.

A Vitali Lviv draws attention precisely on those very occasions when a name can be quite good, but not the individual. For example, "regularly confused Metropole on Andropov with" Metropolis "on the Leningrad highway, and" European "in the Kiev railway station is often called" Kiev ", - says an expert (that does not interfere with" European "to be one of the most popular metropolitan shopping center - approx. Editorial

Instead of a conclusion
The above advice and arguments you want to complete the thought, which is expressed only from our sources. "Naming - not a" minor matters ", it should be reflected in the facade, local area, in public areas and therefore development of the name must begin at the design stage of the building. Indeed, one of the tasks of naming - to reduce the cost of promotion at the expense of memorizing ", - said Roman Kuryshev.

Development of a name on the stage of forming the concept of the project - this is probably an ideal option, in addition, according to experts, the most convenient for the creators of projects - at the initial stage is much easier to think about how certain decisions related to each other, and change something if needed. But you need to change our attitude to naming and understand that although this question was not the most important, decide it is better to be among the first.
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