Changing the old apartment to a new one: calculate the economy of each method, ignoring the «free lunch»

17.09.2010 12:37
Articles about real estate | Changing the old apartment to a new one: calculate the economy of each method, ignoring the «free lunch» Among the services offered by sellers of new buildings, is quite common offset - the exchange of your existing apartments to the new. Advertising this service a lot, do all offer "free" or at least the "most beneficial to the customer." Note that the word "free" client usually experiences some tension, sensing a trick. Today we will try to understand the essence of such a tempting offer.

Choose from one of two ...

Representatives of all disciplines like talking to amateurs to show off his professionalism. Explicable psychological motive ("Look how cool I am!"), Then moving in harmony with himself completely selfish reasons: to show recruits that their problems he is unable to cope. And there, staring, and customers that man can "lasso" ... From the realtors (and - if you have already taken - with the topic of discussion of exchange "secondary housing" on the new building), all in the same way: you can hear quite a few words about the "unique technology". Sometimes constitute "trade secrets". But the reality is very simple.

The customer buys a new building - this is obvious. It is hardly necessary to clarify that this apartment - the number of selling the company: otherwise why realtors run and sweat, pristraivaya foreign object? But what happens to the old apartment? Turned out to be only two options: either she quickly sold - that is, actually there "fit in" well-known in the secondary market "alternative." Or agency buys this property for yourself (option - to a certain individual, often a staff member), and then sells. That's all technology.

Plan A: You do not go there, here you go!

The first option, as we have said, is similar to the usual "alternative." "The essence of the netting is being sold old apartment and simultaneously bought apartment in new building" - confirms Svetlana Birini, head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-Real Estate.

"Alternative", as you know, all good, but quite unpredictable in terms. Buyer sold your apartment can be found at once - and perhaps very soon. "Time exposure depend on many factors: characteristics of the realized object, condition and location of the apartment, on the situation with the client (it happens that the timing of the sale delayed due to a long pass necessary instances, problems with residence permits, family situations, etc.) - said Svetlana Birini. - But the main thing, though, is the price: if it is overstated, the apartment can be sold more than six months. " From add that half a year - it's still very optimistic: the practical realtors can tell many stories about how the market came completely inadequate (in terms of assessments of their own "treasures") people trying to sell for years - and eventually either abandoned the case, or radically reduced prices.

Now the question is: what is all this time you buy a new construction? Selling her company will patiently sit and wait until you are able to sell for "milyard" its "socket" in Biryulyovo? This is unlikely: the developers plan sales terms. In addition, during this period may receive a buyer with real money - and he will be denied only in order not to disappoint you? To believe so would be naive. So most likely, the seller will offer to book you liked the apartment - a "reservation" is worth the money and the money "burn" if you fail to make a basic amount for a specified period.

Another option - the lack of any obligations of the parties: you sell your apartment as you wish and for any sort of money, but new buildings and the seller does not promise you anything. When will the money - and then come to that and at what prices will be at that point in the sale - something you'll get it.

However, our experts said, and contrast this model of secondary "alternatives" - and it refers to the number of "aggravating." "In the classical scheme of a former owner of the dwelling after the transaction is recorded in the purchased apartment and moved into it, - said Irina Karpova, head of the secondary market for investment and development company" City-XXI Century ". - In exchange for the new building is often impossible (house not yet built), so it is necessary to resolve the issue of registration and accommodation before the time of delivery at home. " Sergei Migunov Head of Marketing and Development Group of companies Konti, specifies that the seller should be flat to take care and be registered in another apartment. Although we will not so intimidating consumers, the problem is solvable. You can temporarily "to register" in an apartment with relatives or lock in a contract with the buyer that you "write out" by a certain date, say three months. The main thing that these options have agreed to any relatives, either by the buyer.

... And the most important thing - the money. Cost of services for the sale of the old apartment, in general, already well established - it is the standard for our market of 2-4% of the cost. But the search for new buildings are possible options. "If an object sold by Best-Brand new, a member of the SC BEST Real Estate," is for the customer it will be free, - says Edward Bulychev, head of the secondary market of "BEST on Barricadnaya. - If you want to search, then we obtain the usual purchase of new buildings: from 2% to 4%. "

Moral of the total obtained is very simple. If even go for "netting", then only to the company that sells you're interested in new buildings: there at least you'll save on commissions for recruiting new apartment.

Plan B: he flew, and promises to return

We now turn to the one described earlier in this article the second option - when the secondary apartment redeemed for a real estate agency. At first glance, everything here is "right and prekrarasno" (the statement, read on the box with the Chinese footwear): A procedure is quick, and then implements the agency without haste as a free apartment. However, upon closer examination it turned out to be not so.

Real estate companies are really willing to redeeming the apartment itself - but a few years ago, during the active growth of prices: even just hold property in 4-5-percent monthly rise in prices meant getting a very good income. Today, the price of either stand, or grow very slowly - as a result the profitability of the whole procedure is questionable (let's not forget that the purchase of the apartment and its contents on the balance sheet also means spending). "The owner of the primary apartment is not interested in changing flea. After all, soap, too, need then sell "- rather tartly, but very substantially expressed Ilya Shkop, chairman of the Moscow Guild of Realtors, director of real estate agency owner.

In short, the owner of the secondary flat to agree to a very substantial discount to the agency bought it - and our experts disagreed only on the question of the size of the discount. Modestly praised his entire Ilya Shkop - not less than 20%. Sergei Migunov (KONTI ") says about 40%. A radical set of Elena Balabanova, CEO of real estate agency «VERITAS»: it estimated that it sometimes reaches and 60% (!) Of market value. According to the expert, all this "can lead to unpleasant consequences for the following buyers: there are doubts that the agreement is made by the seller is not dire circumstances and not in very unfavorable conditions, as well as that the transaction is not bonded to the seller. According to Clause 1, Article. 179 of the Civil Code, according to the reasons the transaction can be invalidated. "

So that sums up Helen Schupkova, head of the Holding MGSN, with the buyout scheme is disadvantageous for both the client and agency, and the market it almost does not apply.

It is noteworthy that most experts do not believe in the possibility of reviving technology "immediate repayment in the future. Only Yuri T-shirt, a leading specialist company NDV-estate ", believes that" prospects are not vague: the secondary real estate market shows steady growth in buying activity. " Others believe the opposite. "If a client needs quick sale, we simply offer to put an apartment with a 10 percent discount," - says Edward Bulychev (BEST).

Countryside: the same or even better!

In addition to the flats in urban housing complexes, sometimes netting offer to acquire objects and suburban real estate: Penthouse, townhouses, etc. Fundamental difference for the clients is not here: the agency is likely to also be willing to look to buy your apartment in Moscow, and then sell you a new object. However, some differences found still managed: the liquidity situation in the country market in general worse than in Moscow, making their sellers more accommodating. "Country's for sale for much longer than city apartments - said Vera Skalozubova, an expert of the Moscow Real Estate Agents. - Therefore, the developer or vendor is easier for a longer book, and on more favorable terms. If the apartment is booked for a period of 5 to 15 days, the villa can be booked on a month. "

Summary of the magazine

All of us wish that our problem someone has decided - preferably without any involvement on our part. As a child, it's understandable human desire is manifested in the tales of fairies, magic wands, cloth on the ground and Emelina pike. But he grew up, the man does not cease to hope for a miracle: namely, that his apartment to quickly change the fact that he needs a magic "netting".

It must, however, grow up. There are no miracles. Or event will require effort - we sell your apartment, buy a new one. Or it really does it for you - but at your own expense.

Vladimir Abgaforov |

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