Change Khimki in Bulgaria, Marino in Calabria

02.11.2010 14:31
One of the secret, but popular entertainment inhabitants of Moscow - to consider Property around and compare prices of small Moscow "odnushek" (the ultimate underground station, the kitchen 5 square meters., No balcony) with similar apartments in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic. Or even in more expensive regions of Europe - such as Spain, Italy or Greece. As if that alone makes the comparison of the warm sea, the rustling of palm fronds and a true European service a little closer, at least in my dreams.
The realization that his Moscow apartment can be exchanged for the equivalent of an earthly paradise somewhere abroad, briefly warms us, but to take this opportunity to solve one. Even if it is not a single house, not on your own roof over your head, and the second apartment, which is often rented out. But during the crisis cost of the lease itself has decreased significantly.
The catch is that possibility - it is something unsteady, amorphous, but in reality the process of buying and selling real estate of our compatriots are not without reason, is treated as a complex procedure. Transaction with the sale and subsequent purchase of property even realtors recognize fairly easy - if one link in the chain will not stand, pluck all the plans immediately. Output is the foreign market involves another round of complexity. In transactions such as anywhere, extraordinarily way embodiment of the idea of "one window" with the sale of apartments in Moscow and abroad, buying the item!
It is not surprising that the market as a result all the same answer to this query by a potential seller (and buyer). And since the procedure is the direct exchange of apartments in Moscow for European impossible, the realtors have developed their own scheme, which within a company can and to sell and buy almost simultaneously.
The essence of the proposal from the company "MIEL" boils down to this: you give her Moscow apartment for sale, choose your own overseas property, comparable in price, and by investing the deposit of 30% of the European flat, you can move there. Or begin to lease it.
Natalia Zavalishina, CEO of MIEL-Distant Property Management , explains:" An overseas arrives at your disposal before the company will sell apartment in Moscow, though, of course, the final transfer of ownership will take place only after payment of all its value. Until then, it is believed that the European flat sold to you in installments - at no interest and surcharges.
The uniqueness of this deal is that all the hassle associated with selling and buying, and with registration, takes on the holding MIEL: The company takes to sell apartment in Moscow, evaluates and sells, while the seller can easily choose a European real estate. Registration of all necessary documents on foreign trade will MIEL-DPM ».
For such a convenience to pay, but it is a standard realtor commission from the sale of the Moscow facility. As you know, it frees you from the risk that an apartment will appreciate the "cheaper" to quickly sell and sell with it - pay the company depends on the cost of selling their apartment. And for the trouble on the purchase of foreign real estate with you do not take anything in excess of the price of the object, since MIEL-DPM »gets his reward from the builder. If your chosen apartment will be cheaper than Moscow apartment, you get more and more profit, just for the arrangement of his life abroad.
The choice of wanting to change Moscow, Moscow or St. Petersburg (in the action involving all regions of Russia, but not everywhere real estate prices are high enough to cover the cost of European apartments) are invited to three European countries: Bulgaria, Montenegro and southern region of Italy (Calabria) . They are united by a good climate, a variety of opportunities for year-round recreation (from the beaches, forests, SPA and spa complexes to the ski resorts), loyalty to the foreign buyers of real estate and low prices for this property.
In Bulgaria, the Black Sea coast, in a good studio complex in the 400 meters from the sea can be bought for 27-30 thousand euros. In short, when compared with prices for Moscow real estate, options are more than attractive. Even simple little Moscow apartment fully "fit" in the cost of an apartment or house in Bulgaria. As for the Italian and Montenegrin prices, it all depends on the location and quality of the object: there are cheaper deals, there are also more expensive. In Calabria - the southern region of Italy, washed with two seas, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian - the cost of quality apartments in a residential complex with its own infrastructure starts from 65 thousand euro.
"We should also pay attention to the status of the buyer of real estate in Europe: for example, buying a facility in Italy will soon get a Schengen visa valid for one year with possibility of extension. The next year, will enter the Schengen area and Bulgaria, which is likely to slightly change the value of property in this country upward, and allow to enjoy free movement in the Schengen area. Montenegro - visa-free country, many like it, can invite guests of relatives and friends at the entrance can easily do that "- emphasizes N. Zavalishina.
What is the secret of such a simple solution to a seemingly difficult task, as Sequential buying and selling real estate, and even abroad? Specialists MIEL-DPM »explained that the case of established patterns of working with foreign partners, which allows you to have a proven base of proposals and choose the high quality and reliable items, easily and without delay to conclude the deal. As for Russia's "phase" of the transaction, the insurance from the difficulties and delays in the sale of flats stands the expertise of companies in the sales process: experts well versed in market conditions and can properly assess and expose her apartment for a quick sale, without depriving themselves and client legal profits. Yes, and to the client relaxed - all stages of the transaction will take place for him in the office of MIEL-DPM »is not demanding it much effort or excitement.
Of course, even MIEL-DPM »can not save us from the main issue: how to be decided on such a serious step as buying a property abroad? After all, if for someone it is just about the possibility of relaxation and comfort, or to obtain additional income from the lease, then someone has probably thought about this move - to another country, with other law and order, with the European quality of life. Well, to help with that decision, nobody can. But right now, its implementation has never been easier. So do not waste your time - and do not miss your chance to change a flat in Marino on a house in Calabria.
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