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26.09.2010 15:30
Articles about real estate | Change dacha dacha The owners of the old cottages near Moscow, sell them to buy new ones far away from the city. Someone was giving change in the elemental building on the organized settlement, while others opt village.

Someone moved from economy class to business, while others sell a house more expensive to buy two cheaper. In short, the town market movement. In the settlement "Gagarinlend" (150 km from Moscow) 20% of the buyers to start selling their villas in the horticultural associations, or economy-class townships in the open field, to buy houses here, the lake and woods. The same number did not sell, and purchased a second cottage, "to rest" is said by the buyers.

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"Increasingly, people get so-called long-distance problem", - confirms Anton Larin, head of the country real estate company Prime Time Realty.

Up to a quarter of customers finance the purchase of a new suburban real estate by selling the old one, adds Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications Rodex Group, and about 15% of the total number of buyers look for the second or third home. The company "Absolut management" about 10% of customers sell the house to buy a plot or a cottage in the villages of the Criminal Code (Forestry Settlement, "" Flower "," Marusin prairie "), tells Anna Shishkina, Head of Marketing UK" Absolute Management.

You can talk about the migration of mass purchasing power of segments of the business class to the side segments, previously considered to be economical, concludes Dmitry Tsvetkov, director of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty.

However, there is a reverse trend: a trend towards improvement of living conditions. To date, 30% of the inhabitants of the residential complex "Paul's" - "immigrants" from the economy-class towns, cites the example of Hope Kreslavskaya, Head of Customer OPIN. Ivan Sinitsyn, partner in the project "Gagarinlend, confirms: the majority of buyers in this town have changed the fiscal house closer to the capital to the country higher class, but far from Moscow.

Away from Shanghai
People have a house on the house for two main reasons: because of the quality of the village or at home and in search of beautiful and relatively clean nature.

At least 10% of buyers plots without a contract are aware of the hopelessness of Shanghai and moving to organized camps, I'm sure Igor Zaugolnikov. And lately, he said, their number gradually, but steadily growing. In general, according to him, about 50% "samostroevtsev" when faced with challenges in building and further accommodation in the unorganized townships begin to plan the purchase in the cottage.

Infrastructure and Security - another strong argument in favor of organized development. "One of my friends during the year twice during the night stole a car from the yard of the house - shares Zaugolnikov. - And now he buys a house in an organized township, where there is a clock guard. "

According to Dmitry Gerasimov, director of sales settlement "Okskaya Sloboda, their inhabitants are oriented primarily to the central communications, thoughtful environment, roads, street lighting, safe environment, availability of parking, a playground.

Before the issue of neighbors worried mostly high-end home buyers and business class, he now becomes relevant in a more cost settlements. "I want to live among normal people and not with those who thumps and screaming at night" - is also from the comments of buyers of houses in the village Gagarinlend. Project owners immediately attended to provide a friendly community in his village, reasonably judging that draw attention to the project so far only the lake will not work. Although sales began only a half seasons ago and houses are being built, the residents have family and friends are business partners.

Larin says that 95% of those planning to buy a country house, just want to live in organized communities.

Scenic spots - a real magnet for tired right angles and dust-Muscovite. "In search of greener places to live people buy long-distance problem and move, for example, Mozhayskoye reservoir. The more so because of traffic jams that are mostly directly at the approaches to Moscow, the road, assume up to 90 km in just 20-30 minutes more than before the cottages nearby, "- says Zaugolnikov. "Now my friend is trying to sell the house Rublyovo-Uspensky highway in order to buy a house and grounds on Mozhaisk reservoir. But prices on the ruble unduly inflated, and has for quite some time he could not find a buyer "- says the expert.

"Exodus from the Barvikha and Zhukovka for the long New Riga, not to mention the picturesque corners of the Gorky highway driving, no - chill developers distant cottages Dmitry Tsvetkov. - Yes, on this property and the demand was there, but now there are cheap deals and actively promoted in the market. In the direction of these proposals flew the massive demand. "

In the village, in the wilderness
Migration is not only in the suburban segment - are brave people who change the apartment for a country house. Conversations in the style of "throw the stifling metropolis and come to us to listen to the nightingales" are conducted with a different activity for more than 10 years. But communications, roads and infrastructure in the suburbs as there was so nearly not. And Muscovites were in no hurry to change even if close, but an apartment in Moscow at home, but for 50 km from the capital.

So developers are once again raising this issue. In the village Martemianovo (builder - OPIN), about 40% of transactions - is an exchange of apartments for vacation home, says Kreslavskaya as the cost of apartments in Moscow is almost equal to the value of the house in the village.

In "Absolute Management has several clients who have bought a country house rather than an apartment. The House is able to compete on price with a 2-room apartment in the peripheral area of Moscow, - says Anna Shishkina. - If before the crisis, a cottage in the 10-15 km from the capital cost of $ 500,000 and above, but now due to lower land prices and the active development of the market value of such pre-fabricated houses at home with the land is in the range of $ 250,000.

Approximate calculation of house prices UK "Absolut management": in certain areas of Moscow region of 10-20 km from the Ring Road area without a contract with utilities in 6-10 hectare can be purchased for 1,6-3 mln. About 5 million rubles. is pre-fabricated house with interior finish area of 100-120 square meters. m. Total 8.7 million rubles. for the finished house with land, or an average of 65,000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m trimmed square.

At Alexander Dubovenko, Director of Development for "Good Wood", and other calculations: in the economy class segment of 50-100 km from Moscow site is worth about 1 million rubles. Communication - 500 000 rub., The house is 150 square meters. m - 3 mln. Total 4.5 million rubles. "Demand is concentrated in villages, where a set is offered at a price lower than 4 million rubles., - Says the expert. - It was quite seem frivolous attempts by some developers to sell land, communication and economy-house for 5.5 million rubles.. "

Svetlana Kondachkova, managing partner of Urban Realty, confirmed that replacement of the apartment can be townhouses. "This segment, and during the crisis continues to gain momentum, as the town houses as close to Moscow (15 km), have all the characteristics of urban and affordable (the cost of 1 sq. km. M taking into account the site and communications ekonomsegmente 60 000-70 000 rub.). The best way budget shopping at 9-10 million rubles. - The price of a 3-room apartment in Moscow. "

Some clients are selling the apartment, they received a legacy, but not the apartment in which they live, adds Gerasimov. Moscow apartments sell rare, almost never. "Residential real estate is now perceived as a second, optional, no one refuses to fully from housing capital", - he said.

Nevertheless, the number of settlements for permanent residence increases. According to Anna Shishkina, now about 20% of cottage villages near Moscow intended for permanent residence before the crisis, there were no more than 5%. In the same "Gagarinlende" village is really far, about 30% of buyers are going to move there parents for permanent residence.

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